Sunday, November 22, 2009

Elephants and more

Today i had a look at a sim i always liked very much, Omega Point.
I was there some weeks ago and they have just been busy with rebuilding the sim.
Today i was there again and i found some great freebies.
The first thing i found was freebie called Elephants Dream.
Cause i love Elephants i had to get it. Without having any idea how it would look.
When wearing it i had to giggle. Have a look and you ll understand:


(Omega Point : Elephant Dream - Opening Gift 0 Lindens)

In the second box was a coat.


Coat: Omega Point - Messenger's Mantle - O Linden
Suit: Omega Point - suit KWZ (Im not sure if it is still there but it was a dollarbie at that sim some time ago)
Boots: DragansVarg (former Husky GFX) imrae boots (not free)

You find the freebies here:


  1. Oh my- if there werent blogs they had to create them just for you!!!!
    More text than in flickr...yay!!!!

    Got a reminder to here now...
    Good luck with that blog

  2. The Dream outfit is at

  3. Thank you. Now i only have to find out how to post slurl correctly and how to deal better with the pictures.
    They have also some other great freebies and dollarbies there.