Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The signs were posted all around, clearly marking the land surrounding the cemetery as off limits. There had been warnings from the townspeople, but these had been ignored with a polite not by the corporation. Such warnings always were.
They were digging for financial gain, boring down into the earth, biting through grass, sod and stone. They found more than they bargained for. They had kept clear of the cemetery sure, with its imposing stone wall cutting through the woodland. The fragile wooden pegs outside the wall, an undulating boundary marking out some local superstition were much easier to brush aside. Shovels cut through earth, and came out, fingers gripping the blade.
The corporation should have listened. The woman who had been Patricia had slept beneath the earth for years, being woken like that, anyone would be angry. The others had been too, which of course, is the last thing the people of the town had wanted. The screaming had woken so many. Still, she mused... there really had been no call for the axe. She had just been trying on some of the things in the home which had once been her own. Even through the vague mists of consciousness, that had hurt to pull out. Now that the screaming had stopped, locals having taken to the hills, her headache was fading. She and her fellows would enjoy the spoils of the living for a while before climbing back down to sleep. You can join them down there, all it takes is a little bite...

Madpeas current game is BURIED, a SIM hopping thriller for the modern age. Follow instructions on the game HUD to take you into the world of geocaching, and an investigation where the stakes escalate fast. Setting out to locate Lily, a missing writer, a voice on the phone leads you on until safety is just a memory. There is no turning back.

Should you reach the end alive, dig up your prizes from stores such as !R3VOLT!, CheekyPea and +REDRUM+ and enjoy!  The game runs until the end of March - you can find your starting point, and buy your HUD here... Buried

Body : [Deluxe Body Factory] Ze Skin, Shape and Eyes
Dirt layer :  +REDRUM+ Playing in the dirt!
Dirt pile (L) : +REDRUM+ Dirt Mound Seat
Dirt pile (R) : BURIED Alive - MadPea Prize (rez and rest in Peas)
Tent : MadPea Buried Mesh Tent - available to purchase at starting point!
Traincar : [noctis] abandoned caboose
Arbour : Cheeky Pea Twinkle Arbour
Boxed gold : Consignment - Buried Currency
Chair :  Never Totally Dead - Buried Chair
Glasses : Katat0nik  Axed glasses
Necklace : Noodles - Dirt Jar Necklace
Elbow pads : [R3VOLT] Knee & Elbow Pads [Buried]
Top : <TRASHED> X marks the spot
Pants : <TRASHED> Buried sweatpant
Shoes : {Livalle} Slammers -Slip on Shoes

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jack or Jill 4.0

Jack and Jill, went up the hill, to fetch some games and liquor. Life in the city was no fairytale, no nursery rhyme. The only eggs falling around here were unnamed, and launched from the grubby hands of idle youths.

Jill                                                                           Jack
Headset : A&A Diamante   Rawr! Headset            Shape : Hostyle Shapes   Ben Shape
Eyes : Chus!  Jill Lens in Abyss                          Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins GUY T1
Lips :  Pink Acid  Lip Shine Basics - Cab             Eyes : Chus!  Chus! Jill Lens in Grass
Top : The Little Bat - Lets Bone Top                    Cross : etham Gold Cross # 2 [Short]
Capris : Ducknipple Mesh: Ziggo Capris              Tattoo : Fallen Doll Mark of Cain
                                                                       Shirt : CuteBomb Designs Thirsty Tee
                                                                       Pants : Razor /// Millionare Sweats - University
                                                                       Bracelet : SwaggedOut - Bolted Bracelet
                                                                       Ring : Cubic Cherry Kre-ations {Ciaossu} ring
2 Jill and Jack, his hair slicked back, strolled through the night together. Their style so wicked sharp, if you looked too close you just might cut yourself. Their only weapons a killing glance, even on these mean streets, it was all they would need. 3
Jill                                                                                Jack
Tattoo : joli  Magick Tattoo! (JOJH)                                 Tattoo : Endless Pain Tattoos  – Dark Dimensions
Eyes : Chus! Jill Lens in Amber                                     Eyes : Chus! Jill Lens in Mint
Necklace : Epic Drop Dead Candy Heart Necklace!         Piercing : !NFINITY Twin Piercing Black
Dress : dollle Halter Wrap Dress                                    Necklace : Fujiwara’s World Bullet Necklace
Bag : Leri Miles Designs  Enya Bag                              Jacket : Fe Style  Jacket EDVG
Shoes : EMPORIUM  - jOj Heels                                   Pants : Bomshie Mikel Mens Black Jeans
                                                                                   Cuff : Forever Famous  Tree of Life Cuff
                                                                                   Shoes : Duh!  Running Shoes - Black and Grey

4 Jack and Jill would always remain. City lights shone bright, first dates, date nights, still together after all this time they owned the night. Destined by the fate of their names, love and affection writ clear on both in blood and stone. 5

Jill                                                                                           Jack
Tiara : Infliction  Love Me Tiara - Passion Princess       Tattoo : Identity Body Shop Rising Sun - Faded
Forehead Tattoo : ARISE Cusa Face tattoo                 Shades : Body Factory  Player Sunglasses 
Lip Tattoo : Twisted Barbie – His mouth                       Eyes : Chus! Jill Lens in Grass
Eyes : Chus! Jill Lens in Royal                                   Piercing : HollyWeird  PC//28
Tattoo : DATUM Baroque tattoo                                  Waistcoat : twenty13 Mens Mesh Marshall Vest
Dress : Macabre Morbid Ceremony Dress                    Pants : Biscuit Demorte Jeans
                                                                                                  Ring : KOSH - Basalt Ring

Jack or Jill 4.0 is on! Start at the Depraved Nation, follow a path for male, female, or do both and get twice as many prizes! This is always a really fun hunt, such an eclectic range of stores, there really is something to suit everyone! You can find all the SLURLs and a list of clues on the Depraved Nation site here.
Depraved Nation Jack or Jill 4.0
And find your starting point here.
Razor /// Mainstore

Saturday, February 14, 2015

One Billion Rising 2015 in Second Life - Underwater Sisters

The mermaids sensed that one of them was in pain. They could always feel when there was some trouble with any of them... they were all sisters, after all, connected at various levels of existence. Now a beautiful, sparkling, slim creature was crouching in pain at the bottom of the sea. "Her prince left her. She gave up everything for him... and he just left her, for one of those pale, two-legged Earthlings..." - the eerie, soft mermaid voices shared the story, then they all gathered around their sister and slowly took turns in embracing her. She was one of them, and she was not to be left alone.

One Billion Rising 2015 in SL - Sisters
The beautiful mermaids are the "daughters" of claudia222 Jewell, who is one of the many excellent artists with an installation on show in the One Billion Rising in Second Life sims on 14 February 2015.

"One Billion Rising was the biggest mass action in human history. The campaign, launched on Valentine’s Day 2012, began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than one billion women and girls.
On 14 February 2013, people across the world came together to express their outrage, strike, dance, and RISE in defiance of the injustices women suffer, demanding an end at last to violence against women. On 14 February 2014 OBR called on women and men everywhere to harness their power and imagination to rise for justice. In 2015, OBR are calling for a revolution for change."

(Thank you for the excellent summary, Daniel Voyager!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Evil Cupid - Happy Valentine's Day!

For quite a long time Amorella had suspected that Eros had some beef with her. He gave Amorella the most impossible assignments ever... “See this Canadian woodcutter? His destined bride lives in Calcutta, she sells mobile phones. Make these two meet somehow, and make them fall in love, chop chop!” – Amorella angrily imitated Eros’ high-and-mighty manner of speech. Then a cunning and wicked smile broke on her tiny pink lips and she licked her sharp little fangs. She picked an arrow and she dipped the tip into a black jar that contained some indescribable dark liquid. “It’s your turn now to fall in love, dearest Eros. I hope you’ll like your destined bride. She’s a bit old and ugly, even for a Harpy... but nothing can stand in the way of true love, huh?” – Amorella murmured and flew off to look for her demanding and fussy boss.
Evil Cupid
Saint Valentine’s Day is around the corner for both Petites and biggies, and if you’re a Petite you should celebrate All Lovers Day wearing this elaborate and incredibly cute outfit by Ankle Biter! Yuna is always Yuna (to our collective luck), so you can safely count on the usual lovely detailing, the hallmark curly tail decorated with a couple of redbreasts in love this time, sparkler add-ons and jewellery pieces, a bow and a quiver, a long and a short skirt, a floating personal pet Cupid... what else do you need to play Love Goddess? Nothing, am I right?

Outfit: "Red Velvet Cherub" by Ankle Biter – 795 L$.
Avatar: "Royale Petite" in Pale by Fallen Gods Inc. 1500 L$
Hair: "Orion" in Iceberg by Wasabi Pills 110 L$ for a colour pack of five.
Eyes: "Serial Pierce Eyes" in Beam by The Stringer Mausoleum an old hunt gift not available any more.
Pose: "Tacklin' Ya" by Olive Juice – this pose is not available any more, but a few sitting poses from the "Grounded Men" series look quite similar.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Enchantment in SL - My Love Will Arrive

The candles were burning, and she was afire, too. The perfume of the red roses was overwhelming. She wore a deep red gown, and her strawberry blonde hair was arranged in an elaborate updo. She touched a dry log in the fireplace, and the fire roared up. She was growing more and more impatient, moment by moment. She was the Lady of Flames and her lover, the Frost Prince, was to arrive. Soon, very soon.
My Love Will Arrive

I've been in debt with Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny, the owner and designer of .:Soul:.) for a long time, and now - quite unexpectedly - the mysterious ways of SL graciously permit me to clear said debt. When I saw the first pictures of his latest skin line, "Catalina", I was squeaking with glee. Then, when the tattoo layered "Uni" ears appeared, I was still squeaking, and also hopping with excitement...and what does an enthusiastic-yet-penniless blogger do in a situation like this? Yes. She pesters the creator for review copies. Charlie generously obliged, as always, only that SL unexpectedly decided to gobble up the gift (...well, the skin tone was "Cream", after all...), and regurgitate, in the same unexpected manner, the same gift a few days ago.
The splendid gown with the gold lace overlay is another booty, gotten by ill means from Titania Halasy this time. Titania is a wise woman who knows what to do when she meets a dangerous ankle biter out for a juicy morsel of flesh, or two... so now I can strut Jolie Proie, my "Beautiful Prey" with a looter's pride! The gown is also special because Titania and Alia Baroque created it together, Titania being the "humble tailor", as she modestly defined herself, and Alia providing the textures... and what can I add to all this? My only wish is that these two continue working as a team!
Last but not least, the background. I usually don't review any non-wearable items as I don't have a space to rez them, but now I've made an exception. The latest grandiose piece of furniture (if I may call Justine that...) by Alia Baroque's Libertine is "a dome, a group coven, a playground or a home port", a must-see and also a must-buy.

Skin and shape: "Catalina" in Cream by Soul - 899 L$. The skin shown here is from the Human series, but you should also check out the new Fantasy Line, consisting of eight beautiful and unusual skin tones. Each skin pack contains various shapes, muscled/toned skin layers, appliers, and many other extras such as makeup layers, so it's really worth it to pay a visit to Charlie's shop.
Ears: Uni Ears "High Elf" by Soul - 399 L$. The ears come with a special tattoo HUD, and they are also copy/mod, making them a true bargain.
Eyes: Spectral Eyes "Leonine" by IKON  - past group gift, now available for 150 L$.
Hair: "Ruri" in Ruby by D!va - 125 L$ (special discount price). Marisa Kira is rebuilding her sim, and she has decided to pamper her clients with a special offer in the meantime - everything is half price in the temporary skybox shop! "Ruby" was a Lucky Board gift but there are 12 other lovely colours still available.
Gown: "Jolie Proie" in Red by Faida and Fallen Gods Inc. - 260 L$, for the "Enchantment in SL" event. The gown is available in eight lovely gemstone colours, and you can read more about Enchantment in SL here.
Jewellery: "Eureka" by Ganked - not available any more (... what a pity).
Rose bouquet with pose: [[RH]] "Old Rose Bouquet" set - a free gift at the Creators Collection Box event until 14th February.
Sofa: "Justine" by Libertine - 3,700 L$. Visit Libertine's showroom in order to play with Justine before you buy this unique piece.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The not so little mermaid

1 Ariel had taken a gamble, she had known it at the time but in the heat of the moment, with passion and the dream of a new life blurring her vision as she gazed across the wave rocked surface of the sea; she had not cared. Giving everything up for love was the thread running through all the tales shared with her friends in school. The others, so strong and determined, had found their romance close to home, or so she understood. Only recently had she tasted what they may have long known, the disintegration and re-imagining of what life meant through one look, one sight, of the one face. 2 She had gone to the wise woman, not for advice - this she had refused to hear. Her voice had been taken, part-price of her wish. She had risen to the surface, swum to shore to find him. Each step on the feet which had replaced her fins was fire, was the rasping stab of knives, the tearing bite of the shark but she carried on. She found him in his palace by the sea. For the first time he saw her, and they danced, they danced, pain and joy welling tears in her eyes. These tears in time washed away the illusion, as they fell at each dance. This new world had accepted her, a great beauty, welcome at the court. His heart loved another, he danced with her for sport. She would not do as she was commanded, she would not dance for their wedding, she would return to the world without pain, beneath the tide. 3 In time, so the wise woman promised, her beautiful tail would return, and again she would sing. 

Utterly unplanned we are mer bound on the blog this week! There must be a cosmic plan (or at least it's mer season in SL?) I've been delving around The Fantasy Collective - a bi-monthly shopping event with an ever changing fantasy theme - this round it's all about the Mer.
The Fantasy Collective

Hair :  [RA] Jewel Hair - Ombres  L$ 275
Lovely hair with 8 HUD driven colour options can be worn with or without the decorative chopsticks.
Dress :  Valentina E. - Siren Gown Seaweed  L$ 285
Amazing ombre colour fade and texture to this beautifully shaped dress.
Mer outfit : LUAS - SIA ROSE. L$ 99
Highly detailed shell and pearl outfit - all pieces can be moved / resized to fit perfectly.

When I was scouting out locations I visited the RP SIM of the Deep Canyon Mers (third image above). Here while I was looking around one of the SIM owners, Chastity Starspear, arrived, and invited me on a proper tour - in a seahorse drawn carriage no less! The SIM has an established history, with many locations worth investigating - please feel free to check it out!

Deep Canyon Mers

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sparkling Mermaid

Spindrift Flotsam Leaper was a treasure-collector, gathering finds from the beach and ocean and creating caches of interesting and beautiful objects. When she was in good mood (which she was often), she leaped alongside the prows of boats, and cheered up the sailors immensely. They adored her long wavy seafoam hair, the sparkling blue skin, the opulent jewellery... until one day a greedy seaman had the idea that those lovely baubles would look better on his plain human wife. He reached for his harpoon... Spindrift jumped into the air, frightened and deluded, then plunged back into the ocean, and no mortal eye has ever seen her again.

Sparkling Mermaid

Two fantasy markets are about to close their gates soon, so this is a last-minute notice again. :) The splendid deep blue skin is a current offer by Fallen Gods Inc. at the monthly We Love RP shopping event, together with the long Electra hair in many colour packs. The strikingly beautiful "Mata Hari" jewellery set is on sale at The Secret Affair.

Skin: Draco Odyssey/Laguna by Fallen Gods Inc. - 590 L$ at We Love RP. There are 10 male and female versions available (scaled/smooth, with/without tattoo marks, snake scales), the full pack is 1980 L$.
Hair: "Electra" in Merfolk by Entwined Hair - 185 L$ at We Love RP.
Eyes: "Dragon Eyes" in Mystic Crystal by Sterling Artistry - 85 L$.
Ornamented Hair Chain "Tribal" (Common), Chest Lace with Chains (Rare), Dancer Jewels "Blooming" (Common), Epaulettes "Tribal" (Common) - "Mata Hari" gacha prizes by Devious Mind - 75 L$ per play at The Secret Affair, running until 29th January.
Tiara: part of the "Revenge" jewellery set by Luas - 100 L$ on the Marketplace.

The picture was taken in the magical underwater garden at Ode.