Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Secret Affair - A Flying Visit

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 So Secret I went and forgot all about it this incredibly busy month of September! The event is open until 29th Sept, so once again, there is not long for you to get your mitts on these wonderful items.
I apologise for the lack of story here, I would have something beautiful as Poe is an inspiration, and crow feathers fill my soul. However, I jumped out of an aeroplane to raise money for charity today - so I've been a little frazzled! 

Hair : .Shi : Raven Hair [Set 1 . Unisex] - L$ 285
Necklace :  lassitude & ennui Lethe necklace - black - L$ 180
Dress : *May's Soul* The crow dress leather Lila  - Purple - L$ 160
Shoes : lassitude & ennui Nevermore heels - black - L$ 280

The Secret Affair

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Moonlight magic

She would put a spell on the world.
When darkness fell in the town of New Babbage, and the majority of scholars at the institute were tucked up in their libraries, common rooms or beds, the nocturnal students were beginning their work. Many took over from their daylight colleagues, keeping the labs and lecture halls filled around the clock. Jayna had spent the twilight hours at study with her companions, ensuring the instruments were in order, whirring and ticking away. As the clock struck thirteen, and the bells began to chime they took to the streets. Perhaps tonight it would work... all of their efforts. Aligning themselves throughout the institute grounds they looked up to the stars, waiting on the movement of planets, for clouds to shift, and moonlight to shine...
1 5 They shouldn't have done it. Such was the comment murmured in lecture halls and shouted in corridors and streets. Those nocturnal students had unleashed moonlight on the town, had done it with no communication to those who dwelt in the day. Day had outranked night for hundreds of years, overwhelming numbers had sidelined the night students; the enlightenment itself was named for their victory, for their discoveries, but now... Karyne was unswayed by arguments of tradition and continuity. In the daylight she had toiled for years, developing her science, practising and experimenting. All paths had led to frustration, to a glimpse of what was possible, only for it to be snatched away. Now moonlight bathed the institute, making it hard for her scholarly companions to think, but for her, it opened the door so long locked and bolted. In this new light she could feel it, here and now, magic would begin to happen. 4

We < 3 RP!
September's round contains a whole new crop of fantastic items, clothing, skins, accessories etc etc at amazing prices from a select group of outstanding creators.
We < 3 RP

Skin : [theSkinnery] Xiao - Bare face(drow) DB CL3  L$450
This skin comes with three cleavage options for dark or no brows. That's six skins with appliers.
Hair : MINA Hair - Jasmin with braids (materials)   L$ 188
Lovely hair - two versions, with and without braids. Each in Materials and Non-Materials enabled finishes. This hair is in the blacks pack - five HUD driven tones.
Horn : Folly - Cercle Licorne L$ 225
Options galore with this beauty - I cannot face counting all the colour options - there are five for the horn alone, then you have gems, stones and accents, metals and embellishments *swoons*
Outfit : :[P]:-The Zarin Outfit:// Cosmic  L$ 329
Amazing outfit from The Plastik including boots, pants, corset and top. The top comes complete with mesh hands, and a HUD to match these to your Plastik skins.

Skin : [theSkinnery] Xiao - Bare face(drow) DB CL3  L$450
Hair : *~*Damselfly*~*Koko Rigged-Mesh Tuxedo  L$ 185
MESH hair with 20 HUD driven colour options. Love the feathers!
Necklace : .{yumyums}. Birthstone Choker {Garnet} L$ 100
Always have to choose my own birthstone - different according to different traditions - I love Garnet, so this suits me fine! There's also non-traditional stone options - the galactic ones are beautiful!
Outfit : .Arcadia. - Iron Riders Gown Fern L$ 297
Chainmail! On a dress! Impossible not to purchase.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Clockwork Spiral - The Future Is Bright

Marie4972 was feeling rusty, albeit she knew there was no oxygen in outer space... no rust could therefore consume her delicate cogwheels and shiny surfaces. Yet, she was definitely feeling rusty. Maybe because she had been orbiting Earth, a robot ejected from a spaceship, in the past five hundred years, all alone...? But she had never ever given up hope. One day they would come for her, and take her back to the family she had been serving so faithfully. Yes, they would come. Marie4972 continued watching the magnificent, bright blue planet, and the lights were reflected in her equally bright, blue eyes.
The Future is Bright
Who might have ever thought that Alia Baroque would go steampunk? Unbelievable it may seem, but it's still true: Fallen Gods Inc. offers four absolutely new and splendid avatars - Anna, Oscar, Marie, and Nicola - at the event called "A Clockwork Spiral". The complete avatars cost 1200 L$ each, but you can purchase the female and male skins (990 L$ each, the 3-piece fatpack costs 1500 L$) and the outfits (390 L$ each) separately. Please don't forget that the event is a fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation, open until October 1st, and 50 % of the proceeds from the Anna and Oscar sales is donated to the Foundation... so, again, another noble cause to support with your precious Linden Dollars!

Avatar: "Marie Rouille" by Fallen Gods Inc. - 1200 L$, for sale at The Clockwork Spiral.
Pose: "Hat" by BehaviorBody Animations - a freebie available in the mainshop.
The picture was taken at LEA25 - "The Sea of CubicDreams", an installation by Alegría Studios.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Swiftness

Sunday Swift was an unusual collective. They met, as they named themselves, each Sunday, and these visits seemed over almost before they had begun. They all led such busy lives, it was often the only time each could find to relax, to decompress, to share their woes and delights with others who could truly understand. Someone would bring the coffee, another the tea, sandwiches, biscuits and fruit. Here on the cobbles of the old town square they met, sharing food and stories of their week. Time, always so pressing, seemed to pause here albeit briefly, for friendship, and for fun.
These skins are on SALE SALE SALE! Only L$ 199 each at YumYums but you will have to be quick as this price cannot last! You have just one day to grab the beautiful Alli skins at this price. Each skin comes with two cleavage options in Dark, Light and No brow versions, and come with applier packs! No waiting around - Go! Go! Go!
.{yumyums}. Alli Skin - Vampyre 1face .{yumyums}. {Candy Corn} Alli Skin 2face .{yumyums}. {Creepy Doll} Alli Skin Face3 .{yumyums}. Alli Skin - Wicked Warrior Face4 .{yumyums}. Alli Skin - Ice Kiss 5

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Twisted Take Two

As promised - more from the Twisted Hunt!
Mask : .Arcadia. Tuatha Winter Kings Mask
Necklace : ~SongBird~ Twisted Time Pendant
Eyes : -{The Attic}- Twisted Singles
Skin : PunkD Skins Swiggle - Milky NCLV
Tattoo : .:CoLLisions:. Evolution
Outfit : Vengeful Threads - Valkyrie
6 Setting : ~H&H~ Twisted Ruins Cemetery Wall
Eyes : -{The Attic}- Twisted Singles
Skin : PunkD Skins Swiggle - Milky NCLV
Tattoo : .:CoLLisions:. Evolution
Necklace : {Co*Motion} Raven Skull Necklace - Bronze
Choker : LIKKA*HOUSE Flying Time Choker
Pauldron : ..:{*Pandemic*}:.. Doyle F Doyle Pauldron F
7 Twisted Survivor ID Badge  - You can add your own photo! - Twisted Time Warp Fall 2014
Setting : ~*Souzou Eien*~ Scrying Ruins (Fall Twisted hunt '14)
Throne : Gothic Desires - Lost in Time Throne
Heart Jar : Ravenghost Captured Heart Luminary
Lamp : .:Stone Misery:. Macabre - Floor Lamp
Dreamscapes Art Gallery :  (gacha)
*Twisted Lantern* Spooky
*Twisted Lantern* Time Warp ULTRARARE
*Twisted Lantern* Delirium RARE
*Twisted Lantern* Magick

You can find out all you need to get your Twisted Hunt on here...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Green Mire II - A Journalist's Perspective

The word was that the two boys who had gone missing from the Green Mire swamplands all those years ago weren't dead... Not so urban legend whispered that they were alive somewhere, just perhaps not here. Some talked of alien abduction, others of kidnapping. The old drunken journalist down by the swamp certainly was of the latter opinion. Lately he's been talking of proof though, waving around a shabby letter, a promise of information and more for those two grieving families. I had to take the chance when he wanted help, if only I had known where it would lead me and what I would find... 4 1 2 3 
I still want to believe... 5 The Green Mire II is the much anticipated conclusion to the interactive game playable at the beautiful new MadPeas SIM. The original storyline continues, taking you now on a grid-wide search down two alternative paths - the Journalist and the Believer. Each path costs L$100, for this you receive a HUD; a notebook / portfolio which page by page will guide you across the grid, offering a clue for each location. Each must be completed to move on to the next. Once you reach the end - all is revealed to cynics and believers alike along with all of the amazing prizes! (Not all of which are shown here by any means!)

From the Journalist Path :
Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins - MadPea hunt skin girls
Tattoo : .:CoLLisions:. Celestial Signs ~
Dress : #candy Cosmic Mesh Dress 
Table + Instruments : {Roawenwood} Stargazers Astronomers Set
Gun : Srs Corp. Kestrel Pistol
Dagger : [Van's Armory] Madpea Alien Dagger
Barn (with pose) : *~ by Nacht ~ Ascension Barn
Chair : *ZG* Alien Captive Chair from Zoe's Garden
Bathtub : [noctis] Dirty bath and alien duckie

Step into your Green Mire adventure here : Green Mire II

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Twisted Hunt 2014

Let's do the Twist! Have yourself a merry little Twistmas... Everybody's doing the Wilbury Twist!
September is here - so is the Twisted Hunt! (My favourite) This time around the hardest hunt in SL has a 'Timewarp' theme... so nightmares from hunts past may well jump out at you! Takes me back to the first one - where I actually had dreams, if not nightmares - about those evil spinning hard to see cubes!
Twisted Summoning 1
Skin : -{The Attic}- Twisted Time Warp (Slink appliers included)
Eyes :  -{The Attic}- Mesh Eye v3.2
Tattoo :  .:CoLL:. Evolution ~ Full Tattoo Layer
Horns :  13 - Gelkie Horns [TWISTED]
Outfit :  :{MV}: Bayou Voodoo Dress and Top
Pose prop : *paper moon* Demon Conjure Circle
Pose : {Rook} The Conjuring
Twisted Talk 2
Skin : PunkD Skins Swiggle  - Milky NCLV
Hair : [LNS HAIR] DESTINY - female
Makeup : .::ODB::. A Clown Face {Twisted} v3
Tattoo : .:CoLL:. Evolution ~ Full Tattoo Layer
Corset : .:W&W:. Timeless - Corset M
Leggings : ~Glasgow Grin~ Twisted Wood Pants [Fitmesh]
Boots : AFtershok Strapped Digi Boot

Suit : Goth1c0: Jester Male Outfit

Seating + Rug : +REDRUM+ Time Warp Cushions & Rug

Twisted Puppet 3
Skin : PunkD Skins Swiggle  - Milky NCLV
Tattoo : .:CoLL:. Evolution ~ Full Tattoo Layer
Dress : Mishmash Fusion - Carnival Doll FitMesh
Boots : AFtershok Strapped Digi Boot
Pose : {Isis} Broken Doll 1
Couch : [noctis] Twisted Fall Gossip bench
Cottage : Howling Asylum - Wicked Witches Cottage
Twisted Romance
Skin :  -{The Attic}- Twisted Time Warp (unseelie-cl) (Slink appliers included)
Jacket : JLZ - Twisted Hunt- fitmesth Jacket
Skirt : ::deathrockerbettycrocker:: pagan poetry skirt
Shoes :  B!ASTA -  :TWELVE:  Arcane (verdigris) (Work with Slink Med Feet)
Nails : Ama. : Slink Polish : Twisted 2014

Skeleton : DramaZone - Skeleton Avatar - Male

Pose : *Kabuki *~* Dying Love *~*
Clock : Twisted Time Warp Clock (Endgame)

There's more to come - Including close ups of some of the masses of jewellery on offer!

Get started by reading up

Or jump right in here... Twisted Headquarters