Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Green Mire II and Body Mod Expo

Please excuse the last minute rush for these two events!
6 Keep dreaming those dreams of others, out there in the dark. 5
1 Dream for yourself, be the person you imagine you can be. 2
Just two days left for the MadPeas Green Mire II game, and The Body Modification Expo! I've been away on holiday - I'm sorry these have had to go up with such little time left!

Green Mire II - Believer Path  Green Mire II
Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins - MadPea hunt skin girls (Journalist Path)
Outfit 1 : [KRC] Beamed up Mesh Cropped Tank
Outfit 2 : ::Poised:: Aurora Outfit Fem
Mask : Boudoir - Obey mask
Flying Saucers : (Challis) Mini UFO Attack
Popsicle : [: Kawaii Cream :] Alien Popsicles  ~Pea-berry~ C
Bed : Never Totally Dead... - Alien Geek Bed
Shades : Electrobit City -  Close Encounter of the 'Nerd' Kind
Alien : Bentham Manor - Alien Holding Tank
Plant : Botanical - 'Twoey' Carnivorous Plant

Body Modification Expo  Taxi
Skin : .{yumyums}. {1} Stasey - {Kool Kat} {Black Brow}
Whiskers : .{yumyums}. Kitteh Whiskers {Black}
Eyes - Blow-Up - Real Eyes - Midnight Blue L$ 100
Hair : little bones. Fiction - DipDye&Fades L$ 270
Tattoo : Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian :: FULL14008 :: 75%  L$ 375
Shoes :  ::TI:: Evil pumps- Black: L$ 220

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scream! Halloween Is Near!

Scream! Halloween is near, the otherworldly souls stir and whisper, ready to meet the living. Lady Death ascends the throne for a night, ruling over whatever creature in any realm. Scream, as long as you are able to scream... because silence will be even more terrifying.

Contest Entry - Scream!

Meiló Minotaur and her RL daughter CapCat Ragu are two amazingly talented women whose contribution to SL visual arts cannot be duly appreciated. Their fantastic avatars have a unique and unmistakable style, but what makes them even more unique is that - regardless of where they pop up in SL - they are free and modifiable. I'm an absolute fan of these creatures, so you can understand why I promptly scooted over to Pumpkin Town when I read the blog entry of Eupalinos Ugajin about Lady Death.
The creepy horns are a new creation by Soul (formerly De La Soul), available at The Mystic Realms Faire in the Eldertree Village sim.

Avatar: "Lady Death" by Meiló Minotaur - a free gift available at Pumpkin Town until October 31st.
Horns: "Horns of the Deep" by Soul - there are three different sets ("Proud", "Scribe" and "Warrior") available at The Mystic Realms Faire (249 L$ for a single pack with a texture and colour HUD; the fatpack costs 749 L$), so you can pick your style.
Fangs: Pulse VF, part of the vampire avatar "Xyla" that comes with your starting library in SL.
Pose: "Underwater No.5" by HelaMiyo - a free hunt gift in the main shop.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Let The Sun Shine - 7th Anniversary Celebrations At Fallen Gods Inc.

Yes, let the Sun sparkle and shine, especially for us living on the Northern hemisphere where Autumn is under the gardens. Fallen Gods Inc. is one year older again, and - instead of expecting presents like a customary birthday boy - Alia Baroque is giving out surprise after surprise to the people in SL for a week. Read the programme here, then visit Selidor and try to convince the blue genie in the Fortune Teller's Booth to surrender his treasure, then visit the Sun Market, party with our fantastic in-house DJs... and, of course, wish Alia and the Fallen many, many happy returns of the day!

Let The Sun Shine

Avatar: "Solaris" by Fallen Gods Inc. - a free Fortune Teller gift at Selidor. The package includes a unique male and female skin with skin appliers, hair, eyes, outfit, wings and jewellery... a precious, real treat!
Additional accessories: "Volund" by alpha.tribe - the golden sphere and the wavy wire structures are part of the magnificient avatar that was available at Alpha Auer's last installation, Imago Anatopism.
Pose: "Crystal Ball No.6." by //elephante// poses - gacha prize at the main shop (50 L$ per play).
The picture was taken at H22O.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker...

Tensions were rising at the candy store...
Summer was over, but Elise found it hard to let go. The blossoms in her world lingered, pink blooms still surrounded her side of the shop, the waning season's final stronghold. Customers loved the continuity of candyfloss from the flowers into the shop, where pink and white sugar mice lined up row on row on row.
Beta looked to the future, now October was here it was time to celebrate her favourite time of year. Black grasses curled around the pathways on her side of the store. Leaves has already fallen from the trees, piling up, pooling in blood red swirls. It was time to decorate for the approaching all hallows eve!
Of course, in the end, sweet harmony would reign. The seasons would progress, each would celebrate their holidays and seasons with a toast to each other, their business, and candy!

Only a few days left to grab up these goodies at the Candy Fair 2014!

Candy Fair 2014

Skin :  .{yumyums}. {3} Brias - {Sparkle Queen} {Brown Brow} Cleavage  L$ 399
Hair : [Due] Moon - Lili pack.  L$ 200
Top : .tsg. Bunny Bomber - WhitexPink  L$ 125
Skirt : [Miseria] Holly Pearl - Tiffany.  L$ 175
Bag : :Moon Amore: Sugum (Machine Cream)  L$ 100 (gacha)
Shoes : *Tentacio* Bubble gum heel.  L$ 120

Skin :  .{yumyums}. {3} Brias - {Sparkle Queen} {Brown Brow} Cleavage  L$ 399
Hair :  .Atomic. {Hair} Macaroon - WildOmbres  L$ 300
Top : Noodles - Lolly Rave Bra Black Solid  L$ 250
Skirt : .tsg. Princess Tutu - Creamcicle Sheer  L$ 125
Knee and Elbow Pads : -Pixicat- Crew.Armor - Elbow - TrickTreat L$ 50 (gacha)
Shoes :  -DRD- Whore Heels V2 Red  L$ 300

Candy chairs :  22769 ~ [bauwerk] Candy Pouf  L$ 50 (gacha)
Candy Shop : tarte. sweet shoppe L$ 350

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Music to their ears - The Candy Fair 2014

The train had rattled and rolled through the countryside all night. Sleep had been the last thing on her mind as she stole aboard in the orange stained twilight of the city's railway depot. The click-clacking of wheels on rails had formed a pleasant beat in her mind, lulling her into sleep, resting back on her guitar case. As morning had dawned, pale fingers of light stealing through the crack in the door, she had awoken. Pushing the truck door open wide as the train slowly rounded a bend into some small town, she blinked, rubbing her eyes. It didn't help. Something was very wrong. Except for herself, the world and everything in it as far as she could see, was grey.
So far as she could tell, the town was deserted. No workers busied themselves at the station as the train did not halt, merely slowed, the driver apparently as troubled by the place as she, though lacking her curiousity. Sparks flew as wheels spun in place on the tracks, such was the haste with which the train was asked to depart. Jumping down, Lya watched the train pull away into the grey haze of distance. Turning to the town, still she saw no one, streets were empty, but the stores were open, groceries on the shelves still fresh, though as grey as their surroundings. After some time exploring she sank to the ground outside one store, leaning back against a towering grey telegraph pole to rest. Unclipping the latches on her guitar case, she lifted the unusual instrument from its niche and began to play. The soft notes strummed from the strings reverberated in the still street, tendrils of sound wove from the instrument, their vibrations shaking colour from the air. 2 As the song came to an end, sounds from buildings nearby met her ears, the creak of a swing in the playground across the street... She opened her eyes. The grey shadows, so perfectly blended with their surroundings that she had missed them entirely, regained their form, colour and voices. Clambering over a nearby taxi she scrambled up onto the roof of the market to take in a view of the town, restored to life and colour through music. 3
Prepare yourself for a sugar overload! The Candy Fair 2014 has arrived - running from October 3rd to October 17th over two sims. Each sim is packed full with amazing stores, offering delightful items in a candy theme, from the lightest sweetest sherbet to the darkest smokiest bonfire toffee. Featured here are some of the items from YumYums, there will be more, I'm heading off shopping again soon! There is a script limit enforced in the sims to try and keep lag to a minimum - bear in mind before you go!
The Candy Fair 2014
Skin :  .{yumyums}. {2} Brias - {Cotton Candy} {Blonde Brow} L$ 399
This skin comes with Black, Blonde, Red and No brow options. Multiple add ons for make up, freckles and moles to make your look unique. Loudmouth applier included, as well as those for Slink hands and feet among many others for bewbs and bums!
Top :  .{yumyums}. {Grape} Frosting Crop Top  L$ 100
Guitar : .{yumyums}. {Berry} Sweet Tunes Guitar L$ 299
Super sweet guitar - comes in strapped - worn across back - and unstrapped versions.

Other items shown:
Hair : (r)M Hair No.21'14, oneSize - o7.4-Fantasy L$ 285
One of the Fantasy colourpacks. Lovely!
Skirt : HOC Industries - Pleated Mini Skirt (MESH) L$ 175
Many HUD driven options for this skirt, including extra fabrics if you are a group member!
Guitar Poses : <K&S> Poses with a guitar. L$
6 different poses - with guitars for each - can be used without!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Secret Affair - A Flying Visit

1 2 3 4
 So Secret I went and forgot all about it this incredibly busy month of September! The event is open until 29th Sept, so once again, there is not long for you to get your mitts on these wonderful items.
I apologise for the lack of story here, I would have something beautiful as Poe is an inspiration, and crow feathers fill my soul. However, I jumped out of an aeroplane to raise money for charity today - so I've been a little frazzled! 

Hair : .Shi : Raven Hair [Set 1 . Unisex] - L$ 285
Necklace :  lassitude & ennui Lethe necklace - black - L$ 180
Dress : *May's Soul* The crow dress leather Lila  - Purple - L$ 160
Shoes : lassitude & ennui Nevermore heels - black - L$ 280

The Secret Affair

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Moonlight magic

She would put a spell on the world.
When darkness fell in the town of New Babbage, and the majority of scholars at the institute were tucked up in their libraries, common rooms or beds, the nocturnal students were beginning their work. Many took over from their daylight colleagues, keeping the labs and lecture halls filled around the clock. Jayna had spent the twilight hours at study with her companions, ensuring the instruments were in order, whirring and ticking away. As the clock struck thirteen, and the bells began to chime they took to the streets. Perhaps tonight it would work... all of their efforts. Aligning themselves throughout the institute grounds they looked up to the stars, waiting on the movement of planets, for clouds to shift, and moonlight to shine...
1 5 They shouldn't have done it. Such was the comment murmured in lecture halls and shouted in corridors and streets. Those nocturnal students had unleashed moonlight on the town, had done it with no communication to those who dwelt in the day. Day had outranked night for hundreds of years, overwhelming numbers had sidelined the night students; the enlightenment itself was named for their victory, for their discoveries, but now... Karyne was unswayed by arguments of tradition and continuity. In the daylight she had toiled for years, developing her science, practising and experimenting. All paths had led to frustration, to a glimpse of what was possible, only for it to be snatched away. Now moonlight bathed the institute, making it hard for her scholarly companions to think, but for her, it opened the door so long locked and bolted. In this new light she could feel it, here and now, magic would begin to happen. 4

We < 3 RP!
September's round contains a whole new crop of fantastic items, clothing, skins, accessories etc etc at amazing prices from a select group of outstanding creators.
We < 3 RP

Skin : [theSkinnery] Xiao - Bare face(drow) DB CL3  L$450
This skin comes with three cleavage options for dark or no brows. That's six skins with appliers.
Hair : MINA Hair - Jasmin with braids (materials)   L$ 188
Lovely hair - two versions, with and without braids. Each in Materials and Non-Materials enabled finishes. This hair is in the blacks pack - five HUD driven tones.
Horn : Folly - Cercle Licorne L$ 225
Options galore with this beauty - I cannot face counting all the colour options - there are five for the horn alone, then you have gems, stones and accents, metals and embellishments *swoons*
Outfit : :[P]:-The Zarin Outfit:// Cosmic  L$ 329
Amazing outfit from The Plastik including boots, pants, corset and top. The top comes complete with mesh hands, and a HUD to match these to your Plastik skins.

Skin : [theSkinnery] Xiao - Bare face(drow) DB CL3  L$450
Hair : *~*Damselfly*~*Koko Rigged-Mesh Tuxedo  L$ 185
MESH hair with 20 HUD driven colour options. Love the feathers!
Necklace : .{yumyums}. Birthstone Choker {Garnet} L$ 100
Always have to choose my own birthstone - different according to different traditions - I love Garnet, so this suits me fine! There's also non-traditional stone options - the galactic ones are beautiful!
Outfit : .Arcadia. - Iron Riders Gown Fern L$ 297
Chainmail! On a dress! Impossible not to purchase.