Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Twisted Atlantis

Adella was perplexed. Months and months of her younger sister whinging on about the wonders of the world above, as if it was indeed heaven, had driven her to distraction, and this excursion of her own.

She just didn't get it. There was freedom up in the dry, she had been told. She didn't feel it, she felt trapped. Up here the people were tied into ruffs and puffed sleeves and hosiery, so close, so confined. It had taken longer than she cared to remember to find the seamstress, the talent which make silk feel and flow like water. Now it was all she could bear to wear.

Walking was a challenge, heels were a nightmare, so she kept her feet bare, needing at least to feel the grass, soil or stone beneath her feet. She was still searching for wonders. Her sister had talked non-stop of the palace, the parties, the glamour and glitz. These... she had seen. People flashing as much as any fishscale ever had in an attempt to disguise their true nature. It was exhausting. She would change things.

Even above the tide, her fins could flash in the moonlight, her will tugged at the tide. She wanted to show the flighty people of the land true freedom, found only under the waves. As the moon waxed to fullness, the swell of the sea would come. Atlantis would soon be a new realm in the deep.

Twisted Spring 2018!
This is the 10th Annual Spring Hunt edition of the hardest hunt in Second Life. Atlantis is the theme, and there are almost 80 stores in which to pull your hair out as you search for the ever spinning cube of torment. All this is topped of with the ever maddening TWISTED ENDGAME - can you finish?
Find more info, and SLurls to the stores on the official website here: Twisted Hunt

Hair:  :::Sn@tch Emma Hair (MERMAID):::
Comes with  HUD so you can choose your hair colours!
Skin: [NM] - Angelic - Cleavage - Principalities
Male and female gifts - each containing the skin, with multiple appliers for all your mesh needs - most importantly, also includes the system skin - for those of us without mesh bodies / heads / hands etc
Shoulders:   .:S.C:. Glass Shoulder Spikes - Sea Glass -
Lovely deadly looking spikes! Lionfish!
Dress: (RP) Sea Sorceress - Hourglass
Gorgeous mesh dress, different sizes and premade for various mesh bodies included!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

For the Love of the Devil - Pt 2

This was interesting...
Neon glowed, soft and red in the darkness; giving the space the feeling of internal, if not infernal warmth. Stepping through the door from the street marked a change, more than location, a change of state.
Though separated from the busy street outside by mere millimetres of glass and aluminium, the space, soft and warm was otherworldly. A gentle scent caught her attention. Looking around she could see no cause, though with each step the scent bloomed, earthy and fulsome. A gentle tickle at her neck explained all. Under the strange light, the tiny plantlet in her necklace was flourishing.
There were others there... had been others there, though she could not see them, she could feel them. Feel the effect they had had on this place, and how it had affected them in turn.
That was it... the cables on the floor, sockets and plugs, traced to outlets which were unconnected, and yet the lights still glowed. The power was coming from within, it was created by all who cared to come.

2 days remaining at the fabulous fundraising event For the Love of the Devil!  
Taxi :   For the Love of the Devil

Hair :  .Olive. the Robin Hair - Color Fades     L$ 395
Horns : DOUX - Demon hairstyle [Naturals]  L$ 149
Facepaint : Nightmare :: Bad Wolf Set   L$ 150
Necklace : :[P]:- Hydropine Jewelry & Rezzable:// Jungle  L$ 199
This set includes two necklaces and earrings!
Dress : [Cynful] The Oh! Dress - Devilish Purple  L$ 299
Beautiful ombre. Dress also includes chain embellisments, colour change via HUD - or removable - as shown here. 
Shoes : NX-Nardcotix Liz Stiletto Devil  L$ 250
Colour change via HUD, 6 different colourblend options!
Scene : /anxiety/ devil  L$ 149

Monday, November 6, 2017

For the Love of the Devil


She should know better. Walking around, even half asleep in her slippers was not usually a problem, but when she had jumped wholeheartedly into a late night idea to rewire, re-jig, and reinstall a lighting and music installation...

Huffing, puffing, and shuffling followed before she emerged again; this time fully clothed and in footwear eminently more suitable for electrical maintenance. The concept was there, ceilings, walls, floor... But, was there something missing?

Narrowing her gaze she reached out and tweaked one of the bulbs, settling the flickering light into a more pleasing rhythm, along with the others.

"There." The low growl of her voice, silk rippling over shards of slate belied her appearance for many who heard it. "That's better." Clapping her hands together, the room was ready, the gathered could come.

It's been a while! Not that long since Twisted, but since logging into SL for more than a few moments - not specifically for events such as the Fantasy Faire or Twisted - it feels like years. While I'm feeling all sad and blue today at the loss of what had been my own tight knit community, I'm taking heart from another I stumbled across. A group of people coming together, as I've witnessed time and again in SL, to help out and support someone they care about.
For the love of the Devil is a shopping event where 100+ designers have come together as one to help a fellow SL resident: Andrea Damone (Devil Damone) 100% of the proceeds go directly to her to help support her during a difficult time.
Please take a look - there is so much great stuff!
Taxi For the Love of the Devil
Information about the event from the Facebook page:
This year, in May and June a friend of many in Secondlife, Andrea Damone (Devil Damone) went in for what should have been a very routine surgery. But things did not go to plan, and Andrea spent many weeks in an induced coma fighting for her life. We are blessed that she has fought her way back and although her recovery continues, she is home and getting stronger by the week. Unfortunately the cost of keeping Andrea with us has fallen on her greatly. She has many expenses and bills resulting from this ordeal that she has to now face, while continuing to maintain her determination and fighting spirit through physical and emotional therapy.
Andrea had no idea of our plans, but many of her friends have wanted to do something to help. It's hard in Secondlife to offer support, when often we are so far away from a friendly hug, or a knock on the door with offerings of support. We decided, what we can do is try to help her with the burden of these expenses the only way we can.

Here's my first look created from items from 'For the love of the Devil'

Hair : .Olive. the Robin Hair - Color Fades Fatpack L$ 395
Soooo many pretty colours, each half of the hair is colour adjustable separately.
Horns : DOUX - Demon hairstyle [Naturals] L$ 149
Pretty horns, colour change via HUD. Comes in two versions - without hair - as shown here, or with strands of hair - not the full head.
Face paint : Nightmare :: Bad Wolf Set L$ 150
Pretty face adornment, different options included - Face without makeup (as shown here), with makeup and body versions, system and applier (Catwa, Genesis, Omega.)
Top : [[ Masoom ]] Naomi Top Ruby L$ 150
Keeps you warm... just about! Mesh top with a hint of bewb - shown here on a SLink Hourglass body.
Skirt : {ViSion} - Juliana Skirt - Dark Blue L$ 180
Two options of this lovely skirt included - the jagged patchwork shown here, and plain.
Boots : :::NOIR:::: Fleur Boots L$ 199
Love these boots, great leatherlook texture.
Sabots : #187# Devil Sabots L$ 187
Who doesn't love teetering around on devilish sabots?
Scene : Anxiety anxiety %devil L$ 149
Excellent scene for pictures, or to incorporate into any build. 22Li, neon lights on / off on touch. Lovely.

My apologies if the pictures are a bit clippy - I'm back on an elderly PC for a while!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Twisted Reunion

At the furthest reaches of the winding gravel track lay the church. So far from the town it seemed impossible that it had ever been a regular place of worship for the number of people it could comfortably hold. Its grandeur and inexplicable presence made all the more remarkable by the constant shimmer of twilight which began on approach, darkening the closer any visitor came, regardless of the direction, or time of day.

Here in the dark, there would often be nothing to see, nothing to hear besides the soft scratchings of vermin, the gentle cries of the bats high above. At other times, strains of organ music drifted on the air, while candle flames set the stained glass in the windows glinting. The curtain of the confessional drawn back, the mouldering velvet covered wood of the seat within creaked as it took the weight of one a far cry from the priesthood. The book fell open with spine cracked familiarity, murmured words and the chill air filled with the blooming scent of roses. Tap, tap, tap, the impatient drumming of fingers waiting to be joined by the beat of another's heart.
Long cold candles combusted, illuminating the living and the dead. Their warmth carried the aroma of roses with the spark of flame, drifting over rosewood and all it contained. Old bones, life regained. Silk spun centuries earlier rustled as it began to move.
"Reunion... " A twisted prayer had brought them here, the concluding word at the end of countless experiments, trials and searches. Could it finally be true... Eyes which had long gazed only only the stars, the firmament of eternity took some time to resolve on the reality of shadow and stone. Could she see him now? Would she know him again?
Three cries from her birds etched in wood were all it took. Final forgiveness found in the the resumption of their eternal kiss. Their danse macabre would begin again, within the walls of their sanctuary, in their own private midnight.

Leeeeeeeeeeeetttttssssss..... TWIST AGAIN!
That's right my darlings of darkness, the Twisted Hunt is back again, ready to bend your brain and your camming abilities to find the right demonic cube from the its dancing denizens of decoys... ok seriously enough with the alliteration. You know the drill! It's the hardest hunt in Second Life, and for that, one of the absolute best. This year the colour of the hunt is a beautiful Burgundy Wine, and the theme - Victorian Gothic.
You can find all the info, etiquette and help including LMs to each of the stores here:
And the starting point here : Start the Madness!
The always disturbing endgame will be up and ready for your screams of frustration from 7/9.
Come on in, the madness is lovely. Earn your tag of 'Twisted Survivor' with me!

Skin:  [Nephilim] - Angelic
Outfit: MLCC Gothic Lords Suit THF17 Burgundy Wine

Hat: Attitude is an Artform -  Top Hat Wrinkled Anniversary Edition
Skin:  [Nephilim] - Angelic - Cleavage - Descending - comes with appliers
Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. - Venus Anatomica, Black + comes with appliers and system layer
Dress: .::Sinfully Seddy::. Bitter Romance Gown - Hourglass
Necklace : Goth1c0: Black Pearls Necklace (Sidehunt Prize)
Nail Appliers .:Inevitable Madness:. Twisted Victorian Nails (Slink Applier)

Church: ~*SR*~ Cathedral Of The Lost Souls
Confessional: *UI* Crypt Of The Lost Souls Confessional
Coffin: Beyond the Dark  - For the dead travel fast: coffin
Room divider: Liliths Den  - Vintage Room Divider
Couples (held) pose: =Hesparia= Essence of Dodona
Table: Crafty Demon Dwellings - Trio of Mischief Side Table
Medicines: *Dixie Dandelion* Homeopathic Medicines Box
Bottle: *Dixie Dandelion* Bottled Baby Dragon Scales
Sundial: Spyralle Remembrance Sundial

Hehehe when I was packing away, I discovered the coffin set up can rez all of this!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Floating Away at the Fantasy Faire

The sun was setting. She had watched it fall countless times, she had no idea the number of suns which had dipped into the horizon, how many more she had missed, attention snared and hooked, this way and that with the other things.

As twilight filtered into the world like so much magical smoke, the junction called, as it always would.

No chill yet assaulted the air, a welcome gentle coolness eased through the Junction leaving the generous warmth of the long days to carry the fluffy bumbling insects from flower to flower. Settling into the ancient wooden craft, its scent of the ages, of souls whose joy it had carried raised a smile on her lips, even as the gentle creaking signaled its departure from the shore, carrying her away once more. She would return, they all would. All the love and the beauty of the world made them, and they would carry on, making the world better.

What a Fantasy Faire!
Life is so busy that it feels like it's a memory already but it's not! It's still here! One day more as they sing. I've not been able to spend the time I'd want, but I sure have spent those coins. Go and do the same. Love the beautiful SIMS, support the amazing cause. Help kick cancer out of everyones lives forever. 

All items are 100% Relay for Life donations.

Horns: :[P]:- Sclera Horn
Blindfold : :[P]:- Sclera Blindfold
Hair :  /Wasabi Pills/ Adamaris Mesh Hair
Skin :  :[P]: & [TRAP]:// Koie Female Skin:// RFL Hope
Dress : [V/W] Widowmaker Black Slink Hourglass
Shoes: (*<*) 1313 Lessa Stilettos - Hourglass
Fairelands Junction

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fantasy Faire 2017 - Addio Venexia

Fantasy Faire 2017 - Addio Venexia

She knew that pleading for her husband was in vain, even dangerous. The Council of Ten was appointed to watch over the security of the Most Serene Republic, and they took their job seriously. Her husband might have been a Tiepolo, descendant of noblemen, but the Council could overthrow even a Doge, and they sent her husband to exile for treason. Marina Barbarigo de Morosini knew she would never walk with him in Piazza San Marco ever again... yet every evening, when the shadows descended upon the lion statues and the Campanile, she lit a lantern and walked to the seashore. Maybe her husband’s eyes could pierce the darkness and the mists, and see the light that Marina faithfully lit for him in the Venetian twilight.

Fantasy Faire item:
Gown: „From the ashes comes life: Brigid” by Beyond Persuasion / Enrapturing Elegance Couture – 449 L$.
Another splendid and delicate outfit by Elizabet Skyward (Savira) that absolutely deserves your attention! She is one of the great discoveries of this year’s Fantasy Faire for me, with her caringly designed gowns and with her attention to small yet very important details. “Brigid” is also a RFL donation item, and you can find her and her equally lovely sisters in The Fallen Sands sim. This softly floating fitted mesh gown comes with a set of adjustable wings and an adjustable headpiece, not shown here.

Other items:
Head: Catwa Kimberly.
Body: Maitreya Lara.
Bracers: “Quala Bracers” in Gold by Luas – gacha prize (rare) available in the shop, 50 $ per play.
Halo: “Angelic Halo” in Copper by Acios – 99 L$. Previously a FF item, now the halo is available at the main shop of Acios in various colours. Acios is also present at this year’s Faire; you find the shop in The Fallen Sands.
Hair: „Hilda” in Burgundy by Bliss Hair – not available any more. It is a true pity that Amutey DeCuir has left SL and closed her Marketplace shop as well...
Lantern: „Plain” Lantern by Remarkable Oblivion – gacha prize (common) available in the shop, 100 $ per play.
Pose: “Subtle 1” by HelaMiyo – 300 L$. The collection of five delicate and expressive “Subtle” poses (plus their mirrors) is a Pose Fair exclusive by Miyoko Magic. It’s quackalicious, Miyoko! :-)

The picture was made at The Rose, the sim Alia Baroque built for this year's Fantasy Faire.. if the Faire is a dream, then this land is a dream within a dream. Visit it before it is too late and the Fairelands fade away in the mists....