Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fantasy Faire 2017

"What did you say?"
"No really, what did you say?"
"Oh, nothing. I'm just..."

Mona pushed off from the bridge, the softest whisper of wings on the air as she plummeted, rising again before touching the water, her wings setting up a steady beat as she sped toward Kit. Reaching the cliff edge, she chose not to land, swooping instead to a dead stop before her friend, unsteady only in that with each beat of her wings, she rose and fell several feet. These moods happened, she knew them well, and knew how to provoke Kit into shaking them off. The rise and fall was a tactic, an irritation supported in extreme cases by faces pulled and eyes crossed, all while staying just out of the reach of an outstretched arm.
 "You're just what?" Mona flopped over in the air, regarding Kit upside down as she dipped and rose. Not even a swipe as she came close. A frown gently creased her forehead, sure she wasn't being anywhere near as annoying as she was able, but still!

The cool breeze of a sigh wshing over her was all the response she received. "There you go again!" she grumbled, twisting in the air, the beat of her wings carrying her back out over the chasm. "Bloody sighing! That's all you've done all bloody day! Is it your damned ennui again?"
Kit finally moved, rising into the air herself. "If you ever let me express a damn thought without thinking you know what I'm going to say before my mouth even opens..."
Mona grinned, a single powerful sweep of her wings carrying her far out into the middle of the void. "Gotcha talking though didn't I? Not just..." she mimicked a long drawn out sigh, "Breathing at me." Following out into the open, Kit's wings beat, sending a ripple of turbulence strong enough to cause Mona to drop, laughing as she fell.
"Oooh the ennui..." Mona cried, dramatically holding a hand over her heart. "The ennui of it all!" "Idiot." Kit smiled, the emotion almost reaching her eyes. "Do you not even know what day it is?"

Mona looked back, blankly. "Tuesday?"
"Idiot." Kit repeated, humour finally glinting through. "For starters, it's Thursday. And to finish, How can you not know what day it is?"
Mona shrugged, then blinked. "No. No? No!"
Kit nodded, "Oh yes, it's snuck up on us this year. I mean, I knew it was coming... but I forgot just how much it takes. I just don't know if we can do it justice."
Mona looked around, noticing, apparently for the first time, that there was a chasm below them, behind them a bridge; the pressure of which, come to think of it, she could still feel against her spine, as though she had really rested against it. "Well..." she sighed, ignoring, or not noticing, the snort of laughter from Kit. "Well would you look at this?" Kit nodded, looking around properly herself. "Beautiful isnt it?" Mona just nodded, amazed. The two hovered, hands reaching out to clasp each other. Once again they had form, the spirits that entertained and comforted through the year could now act.
The world blossomed around them. They were so busy, always, but this was something else. Mona squeezed Kit's hand.
"We will do it justice. The people will come to see, to feel, to remember and to forget. The people will console and celebrate with us again. The people care."

Well my lovelies! It is indeed here again!!! THE FANTASY FAIRE!!!

Oh wow, last year I was so organised, I had holiday booked off from work to give me all the time I needed to prep, shop, photograph, shop, visit, shop, throw money at the Pawlice, take in the shows and shop again. This year, things are a little different. While I'm on 'holiday' I'm working all hours, and am actually really worried that I won't be able to do the Faire, or RL the justice they deserve! The SL mantra RL comes first is right, this is just such a cross over of worlds! You may have noticed I've not posted in a while, a really long while - I can't even promise to do better until I've finished my current course. But I can promise I miss it, and Relay for Life means so much to me.
Here's the scoops: More BEAUTIFUL SIMS than you can shake a good sized stick at, Amazing people, in an Incredible cause. Go. Be astounded. SHOP! Help to save lives.
All items below are sold to benefit Relay For Life, and the American Cancer Society - I will update tomorrow with prices where they are known.
For now, here's the Fairelands Junction - as beautiful as ever.

The demon Mona
Horns: [CX] Ikenga's Horns ( Gold )
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Raven
Wings: [SP] Ascendant Wings [M] Fallen 2.0 (Not RFL)
Eyes: c - Forgotten Doll
Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F - Ceredil - [SE D4] - TT-SB - NoBrow
Sleeves: [Gauze]&[Trap] Fuzz Gloves :Demon(spec)
Legs: [Gauze&Trap] Faun Legs - Short Demon

The angel Kit
Horns: [CX] Ikenga's Horns ( Gold )
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Raven
Wings: [SP] Ascendant Wings [M] Ascend 2.0 (Not RFL)
Eyes: Curious Kitties - Forgotten Doll
Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F - Ceredil - [SE FF2016] - TT-FB - Brow
Sleeves: [Gauze]&[Trap] Fuzz Gloves :Unicorn

Poses for both - Mythril : Her Grace
Legs: [Gauze&Trap] Faun Legs - Long:Unicorn

Monday, April 17, 2017

Fantasy Faire 2017 Sneak Peek - Faerie Queene

Fantasy Faire 2017 Sneak Peek - The Fairie Queene

She couldn’t understand how she ended up in the chilly winter forest. How could her own people ban her...? Or was it Chancellor Thornheart who plotted against her and some spineless courtiers just followed his lead? Queen Flutterwillow shivered. Whoever cursed her picked the harshest and cruellest one for a delicate Flower Fae... the dreaded “Expeliatis” that ejected her from her kingdom and transported her to this wilderness of ice and snow. Yet, after a second or two, Queen Flutterwillow stood up, grabbed her magic wand, and conjured a swarm of colourful butterflies from thin air. “They will keep me warm until I arrive...” – she thought, lifted the hem of her gossamer gown, and started marching along the forest path covered in snow, towards home.

Gown and wing: „Nature’s beautiful imperfection, Mulhalmoni” by Beyond Persuasion / Enrapturing Elegance Couture. If you want to be the belle of Fantasy Faire, I warmly recommend you the delicately embroidered, soft dress with the amazing neck detailing that looks like an ancient medallion with Sakura flowers captured under glass, and the wings made of pearls. This stunning gown comes with its own hairpiece, a lovely rose crown, that I’m not showing you here - please go and buy the „Mulhalmoni” set at the Faire if you are curious what it looks like! You will find Beyond Persuasion in the Falling Sands sim, and I am absolutely certain you won’t feel disappointed with your purchases!

“Sparkly Wand of Butterflies” by Talevin’s Designs. This apparently innocent and delicate wand can cast a spray of magic dust, also send your target several meters into the air, and even summon a jar full of butterflies that will trap your target! Talevin’s s shop is located in The Hill sim, go pay him a visit, it’s worth the walk!

Other items:
Skin: „Catalina” in Cream by Soul – 899 L$.
Ears: „Uni Ears” High Elf by Soul – 499 L$.
Eyes: “Royale Eyes” in Royal Purple by Adoness – Treasure Chest March 2017.
Eye makeup and lashes: „Venom Shadow” in Purple by Vengeful Threads – 99 L$. The „Venom Shadow” series is an exclusive product for the DarkSide2 Fashion Fair, open until 30th April.
Hair: „Charlotte” by Wasabi Pills – a previous 50 Lindens Friday item; now various colour packs are available in the shop for 250 L$
Bracelets: „Lumen” bracelets by LNS – what a pity LeNoirSoleil is gone...
Wreath: „Olivia” in Ice by Lode – gacha in the shop, 60 L$ per play.
Pose: „Favole 5” by HelaMiyo – 50 L$ for a single pose, or you may purchase the entire “Wrists Action” set with five different poses and their mirrors, for 300 L$.

The picture was taken in The Outer Garden.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fantasy Faire 2017 Sneak Peek - The Priestess

Fantasy Faire 2017 Sneak Peek - The Priestess

The priestess Ashera Sylstina was ready for the evening ritual. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and gently bowed towards the setting Sun first, then towards the slowly raising Moon. She was truly grateful for the day that was ending… the Mermaids were happy and content in their deep cove beneath the Temple, the Crystal Fountain was quietly trickling, the Dragons of the Iron Mountains were happily chasing sheep in a faraway realm… Life was good. The priestess Ashera Sylstina touched her High Crown, and a pleasantly warm feeling rushed through her body. The Goddess, who once gifted the first Priestess with the artifact, was content, too. „All is well…” – she whispered, and slowly walked back to the Temple across the Crystal Bridge.

Yes, YES, the first sneak peeks for the Fantasy Faire are here!

Outfit: „Equinox” in Purple by EvelineInTheBox. The shop will be in the Mudrana sim.
Wings: „Fleurette Evony Wings” in Purple by Roped Passions. You'll find the shop in the Raven's Perch sim.

Other items:
Halo:  „Rye Halo” by Voluptas Virtualis (Aisling) – 250 L$, an exclusive „Black Fair” item available until 19th April.
Necklace: „Necro Nephilim” in Amethyst by Vengeful Threads – 99 L$, an exclusive „Suicide Dollz” item available until 27th April. This spectacular necklace comes with a colour change HUD in five different colours, so you can play with it at your heart’s content. :-)
Makeup: „Urbanesque Shadow” in Purple by Vengeful Threads 69 L$ an exclusive „The Thrift Shop” item available until 6th May. Again a bargain, as the package includes five different shades for Catwa heads and also system layers for „oldies” who still wear a traditional SL body.
Skin: „Catalina” in Cream by Soul – 899 L$.
Ears: „Uni Ears” High Elf by Soul – 499 L$.
Hair: „Charlotte” by Wasabi Pills – a previous 50 Lindens Friday item; now various colour packs are available in the shop for 250 L$
Eyes: „Night Dollie” Eyes in Dark Onyx by Skinthesis – not available any more.
Pose: „Wrists Action 5” by HelaMiyo – 50 L$ for a single pose, or you may purchase the entire “Wrists Action” set with five different poses and their mirrors, for 300 L$.

The picture was taken at Cerridwen’s Cauldron.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Valkyrie - Ember's Cauldron Shopping Event


“Hlanhildur, Daughter of the Gods”. A warrior maiden, a divine being, whose noble duty is to select and bring her chosen heroes, killed in battle, to Valhalla. Yet, when she joined the group of Valkyrie apprentices, nobody told her openly about the race of the heroes she would accompany to the table of Odin. She just presumed they would be human. When Hlanhildur finished her Valkyrie training her first mission was to fly to a battlefield in darkest Dwarfheim, and bring back the soul of the bravest... bear, that fell while defending his homeland from the invading dwarves. Hlanhildur sighed. Today was the day of the great battle between the High Elves and Dragons... and she was not ordered to choose the soul of an Elven warrior.

The fantastic „Filling The Cauldron” fundraising event for Elicio Ember might be over, but please don’t forget that many creators still participate in the „Ember’s Cauldron” shopping event until 16th April, and they still offer beautiful donation items created in support of Elicio!
For more information read the blog entry by Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny), owner of .:Soul:. and promoter of the event.

Donation items:
Gown: „Red Fire Gown” by MacMoragh an Gabha – 200 L$. The picture doesn’t do justice to the long red-and-black gown and the flowing cape, an outfit worthy to a Valkyrie! Laird Fenn, the creator and owner of MacMoragh an Gabha is a seasoned warrior and a proud Scotsman… who might have ever thought that he can sew, too…? :-)
Horns: „Pernkern Herns” in Ember Coal by Soul – 299 L$. The pack includes four different styles, so if the burning coal is too dramatic for you, you can pick „Ash”, „Smoke” or „Steam”.

Other items:
Skin: „Catalina” in Cream by Soul – 899 L$. „Catalina” is a beautiful Generation 1 skin you cannot get bored with, and luckily it is still available in many natural and fantasy tones on the second floor of Charlie’s flagship shop.
Hair with headband: „Freya” in Blacks and Whites by Calico Ingmann – 250 L$ for an “All Colors” fatpack, which is a real bargain!
Tattoo: „Aralia” in Silver by Fallen Gods Inc. – an old gacha item currently unavailable, part of the “Birth of Lumina” series. Alia Baroque has temporarily retired the set as he is preparing an update with appliers, so there is hope these items will return to the FGInc shop at Selidor.
Eye makeup and lashes: „Venom Shadow” in Red by Vengeful Threads – 99 L$. The „Venom Shadow” series is an exclusive product for the DarkSide2 Fashion Fair, and it is a real bargain for 99 Las you get 13 :-) eyelid shades with long witchy black lashes for „Oldie” system heads like mine, and for „modern” Omega/Catwa heads as well. The DarkSide2 Fashion Fair is open until 30th April, so you still have a few days to pick up your Venom Shadow… or any other spectacular makeup set by Vengeful Threads.
Wings: „Devine Wings” by Death Row Designs – not available for the time being, as the DRD shop is being rebuilt.
Ears: „Uni Ears” High Elf by Soul – 499 L$.
Bracelets: „Dragonborn” in Silver by Alegria – a previous Fantasy Faire item not available any more.
Nails: “Long Prim Nails” in Black by Candy Nail – not available any more.
Sword: „Themis” by Ersch – a previous gacha item not available anymore; however, if you visit the shop, you can find many other gacha machines from earlier faires and events.
Eyes: „DragonEyes” in Fiery Vision by Sterling Artistry – 65 L$.
Pose: “Imago Anatopism 4” by Alpha Tribe and Mimesis Monday – gift from a previous installation.

The picture was taken at Memento Mori.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wild Winged Creatures - Ember's Cauldron Shopping Event

Wild Winged Creatures 

The raven knew. Its smart beady eyes looked at his mistress with a mixture of pity and amusement. Fairies were sooo... fragile, compared to a freshly hatched raven chicken. Yet, the raven couldn’t abandon the Lady Anen to her fate. He was her familiar spirit, and that was it. The raven cawed and hoped that the Lady Anen could hear him through the blizzard that chilled her blood and roughed her up, brutally and painfully. The raven could see the ancient oak through the veil of wildly swirling snowflakes... the Oak, the asylum and sanctuary for all winged creatures great and small in The Forest. “She will do it... she reminds me of my firstborn, Qreeth... a cheeky lil fellow...” – thought the raven, and flapped his wings in encouragement.

The fantastic „Filling The Cauldron” fundraising event for Elicio Ember might be over, but please don’t forget that many creators still participate in the „Ember’s Cauldron” shopping event until 16th April, and they still offer beautiful donation items created in support of Elicio!
For more information read the blog entry by Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny), owner of .:Soul:. and promoter of the event.

Donation items:
Mask: “Ember’s Mask Greater” by Laudanum Lollipops – 200 L$ (the package contains another, smaller mask as well, so it’s a real bargain).
Tattoo: “Elegant Ember” in Peacock by Even-Tide – 100 L$; take your time to check out the other delicately coloured versions (“Dusk”, “Dream” and “Ember”) too, they are all lovely!

Other items:
Skin: “Catalina” in Cream by Soul – this is a system skin; for the state-of-the-art appliers please visit the shop.
Eyes: “Feral Eyes” in Regal by Sterling Artistry – 65 L$.
Hair: “Editorial: Eastern Wind” in Funky by Tableau Vivant – a previous gacha item now available in the main shop, 75 L$ per play.
Antlers: “Winter Lights” in Plum by Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions – gacha in the shop, 50 L$ per play.
Sparklers: “Starry Night” Flakes by Tableau Vivant – from a previous gacha hair series not available any more.
Petal mask: “Breaking Apart” by Tableau Vivant – part of an old prop set not available any more.
Shoulder pet: part of the outfit called “Nevermore” by Montagne Noire – 25 L$.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Sea Witch - "Filling The Cauldron" Event

The Sea Witch

Lorelei Blackwave, the lonely sea witch stood on the seashore and she was very sad. She had been exiled from her home under the sea so many years before that she almost forgot how the lights used to dance on the corals and how she used to play with the tame fish. An elaborate incantation went wrong, terribly wrong... and the council of the surviving sea witches and warlocks unanimously decided that she had to leave. She used her incantations on Earth plants ever since, she grew an entire forest of never-seen creatures around the little cave where she lived... but each and every evening, at sunset, she went as close to the salty waves as the ban curse permitted, and whispered goodnight to the deep silent waters.

Many items are from the “Filling the Cauldron – Ember’s Cauldron” event; and while you can shop for “Ember’s Cauldron” until 19th April, the “Filling The Cauldron” event ends this weekend, on 9th April, so hurry up before the kiosks and the exhibition at Holly Kai Park disappear!

Donation items:
Skin: “Cosmic Snake” by Fallen Gods Inc. (990 L$), a “Filling the Cauldron – Ember’s Cauldron” donation item. Alia Baroque has decided to make a unique exception and release this skin (a special thank you gift that was previously available only to the participants of the annual Fallen Gods photo contest in 2015) to the public, in order to help Elicio. It really is a unique opportunity to grab this amazing and exclusive skin during the “Filling The Cauldron” event and also in the FGInc. shop until 19th April!
Head jewel: “Vaeri Headchain” by Lumae for the “Ember’s Cauldron” event – 100 L$.
Gown: “Whistles – Poesia dei fiori” in Purple, an exclusive colour for the “Ember’s Cauldron” event by Faida and Fallen Gods Inc. – 260 L$.

Other items:
Ears: “High Elf” Uni Ears by Soul – 499 L$.
Hair No. 1 (the hanging part): “The Flutterbee Hair” by Olive in Bubblegum – a gacha item not available any more.
Hair No. 2 (the flying part): “Tempest” by Tableau Vivant – a gacha item not available any more.
Eyes: “Dragon Eyes Golden Sight” by Sterling Artistry – 65 L$.
Jewellery: “Revenge” bangles and crown by Luas (modified) – 100 L$.
“Double Hagoromo” in Gold by Aii The Ugly And Beautiful (modified) – 99 L$.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Sigil Of The Cauldron

The Sigil Of The Cauldron

The Sigil appeared in a glade at the North-North-Eastern woods. Nobody knew where it came from, not even the most curious squirrel family, the Sniffers. The inhabitants of the forest were just gathering around the weird object when The Sigil started to hum. The vibrating noise was soft at first... then, unexpectedly, it became more intensive. At a certain point the inhabitants of the forest fled. Not even the members of the famous Sniffer clan were able to resist the vibrations that hurt their soft squirrel ears, eyes and noses. The next morning The Sigil was gone... but the previously tiny mushrooms, the toadstools and buttons and porcini that were growing in the glade, were huge wonderful amazing tree-like creatures now. The Sigil performed a miracle overnight... and the inhabitants of the wood, the Sniffer clan included, remained forever grateful for this unexpected, yet miraculous intervention of a benign supernatural entity.

The colour changing Sigil of the Cauldron is offered by “Abstract Soul” (Methias Kira) during the Ember’s Cauldron Shopping Event, for a very modest amount of 50 $L.
Visit the Ember’s Cauldron Shopping Event home page here at Charlie’s (Lerochelle Destiny) blog.
AND please, please do NOT forget to visit the “Filling The Cauldron” event where you may bid for some quite unique objects and services offered by Elicio’s friends, and you may purchase lovely outfits and other wonderful things... including Elicio's RL drawings and watercolour paintings!
Thank you very much in advance, and I do hope we'll meet inworld soon!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Forest Guardian

The Forest Guardian

Laerornel Treesong eyed the suspicious bump protruding from the smooth and even forest floor. „Oh, those pesky moles!” – she thought - „They are up to no good again…” As Forest Guardian, she was supposed to keep the little parcel of ground in pretty neat order… no disorderly vines spreading their sneaky tendrils wherever they wanted to, no red poppies in the ocean of white flowers. The bump moved again, almost invisibly, yet it moved. Something green appeared among the soft clods of deep brown earth. It was not a mole. It was... a plant. It had something colourful, like a bud, on the stem that drilled through the earth with determination. “I should uproot this rebel!” – Laerornel Treesong murmured to herself; then she stood still for a while. “Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Maybe it is an unauthorised plant... but it might also happen that it’s utterly beautiful”. She tiptoed away from the newcomer in the forest, already looking forward to next day’s visit at the silent and peaceful patch among the trees.

Spring is indeed around the corner IRL, too… so why not to wear something fresh and green, with flowers and tree leaves?
Outfit (staff and boots included): „Forest Guardian Female” by Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (Tayren Theas) – the outfit is a special 50 L$ offer until this weekend, as part of a Saint Patrick’s Day Sale.
Tree bark accessories (armband, necklace and skirt): part of the „Spring Birch Dryad” outfit by Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing) – the complete outfit is 595 L$.
Flower crown: „Thorns and Grace” Crown in Yellow by LODE (Chirzaka Vlodovic) – gacha in the shop, 50 L$ per play.
Skin and shape: „Catalina” in Cream by :Soul: (Lerochelle Destiny) – this is a Generation 1 system skin; please visit Charlie’s shop for updates and mesh body appliers.
Eyeshadow: „Shamrock Eye Shadow” by Vengeful Threads (Vixn Dagger) – available at the „Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish” Gacha Event until 31 March, 35 L$ per play.
Tattoo: „Celtic Heart Green Henna Tattoo” by VengefulThreads (Vixn Dagger) - – available at the „Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish” Gacha Event until 31 March, 35 L$ per play.
Ears: „Uni Ears” Blix by :Soul: (Lerochelle Destiny) – 499 L$.
Hair: „Mystic V2” in Monotones by Ploom (Helyanwe Vindaloo) – gacha in the shop, 99 L$ per play.
Eyes: „Triumph Eyes” in Armor by IKON (Ikon Innovia) – former group gift, now available for 150 L$.
Pose: „Fantasy Pose 048” by Musa (Filomena Quinnell) – 30 L$.

Vixn, Charlie, thank you so much for your generosity! When I need something from you and I howl for help, you always oblige.

The picture was taken at one of the most beautiful fantasy sims I have ever seen in SL… The Lost Unicorn Gallery and unicorn sanctuary, lovingly kept by a charming elf in both lives, Natalie Montagne. I owe her many, many thanks because it is the Lost Unicorn Gallery where my fantasy pictures are on show inworld, together with the works of some of the best fantasy artists and photographers in Second Life. Thank you, Nat, again and again!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Support Elicio The Wizard!

Lurking In The Shadows...

Have you ever been to a fantasy sim in SL? Yes, I suppose you have indeed visited at least one or two of them… and, while walking in the woods created by limitless imagination, can you remember those wildly proliferating puffball funghi you could kick and they emitted a cloud of lovely sparkling spores? … yes, you do remember indeed. And those huge fantasy parasol mushrooms, with the swishy jellyfish-like tentacles? And those ancient-and-mysterious-looking ruins? And those orchids…? Yes, you do remember, and I suppose you remember because, in a way or another, these creations have touched your soul.

Now you have the opportunity to show your appreciation to the creator, Elicio Ember, who is in need of assistance and counts on you, generous and benevolent SL folk.

And this is how you can help:

I have just grabbed a full set of Tinderlings... and now I’m squeaking with joy, it’s hilarious to run around in SL wearing an avatar looking like an old piece of wood elegantly decorated with classy mushrooms!

... what “Tinderlings” are, you ask? Check out Elicio’s place if you want to know more, please.
Join the fun, and help the man who has already given us so much.

Thank you so much in advance, you all.