Thursday, April 13, 2017

Valkyrie - Ember's Cauldron Shopping Event


“Hlanhildur, Daughter of the Gods”. A warrior maiden, a divine being, whose noble duty is to select and bring her chosen heroes, killed in battle, to Valhalla. Yet, when she joined the group of Valkyrie apprentices, nobody told her openly about the race of the heroes she would accompany to the table of Odin. She just presumed they would be human. When Hlanhildur finished her Valkyrie training her first mission was to fly to a battlefield in darkest Dwarfheim, and bring back the soul of the bravest... bear, that fell while defending his homeland from the invading dwarves. Hlanhildur sighed. Today was the day of the great battle between the High Elves and Dragons... and she was not ordered to choose the soul of an Elven warrior.

The fantastic „Filling The Cauldron” fundraising event for Elicio Ember might be over, but please don’t forget that many creators still participate in the „Ember’s Cauldron” shopping event until 16th April, and they still offer beautiful donation items created in support of Elicio!
For more information read the blog entry by Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny), owner of .:Soul:. and promoter of the event.

Donation items:
Gown: „Red Fire Gown” by MacMoragh an Gabha – 200 L$. The picture doesn’t do justice to the long red-and-black gown and the flowing cape, an outfit worthy to a Valkyrie! Laird Fenn, the creator and owner of MacMoragh an Gabha is a seasoned warrior and a proud Scotsman… who might have ever thought that he can sew, too…? :-)
Horns: „Pernkern Herns” in Ember Coal by Soul – 299 L$. The pack includes four different styles, so if the burning coal is too dramatic for you, you can pick „Ash”, „Smoke” or „Steam”.

Other items:
Skin: „Catalina” in Cream by Soul – 899 L$. „Catalina” is a beautiful Generation 1 skin you cannot get bored with, and luckily it is still available in many natural and fantasy tones on the second floor of Charlie’s flagship shop.
Hair with headband: „Freya” in Blacks and Whites by Calico Ingmann – 250 L$ for an “All Colors” fatpack, which is a real bargain!
Tattoo: „Aralia” in Silver by Fallen Gods Inc. – an old gacha item currently unavailable, part of the “Birth of Lumina” series. Alia Baroque has temporarily retired the set as he is preparing an update with appliers, so there is hope these items will return to the FGInc shop at Selidor.
Eye makeup and lashes: „Venom Shadow” in Red by Vengeful Threads – 99 L$. The „Venom Shadow” series is an exclusive product for the DarkSide2 Fashion Fair, and it is a real bargain for 99 Las you get 13 :-) eyelid shades with long witchy black lashes for „Oldie” system heads like mine, and for „modern” Omega/Catwa heads as well. The DarkSide2 Fashion Fair is open until 30th April, so you still have a few days to pick up your Venom Shadow… or any other spectacular makeup set by Vengeful Threads.
Wings: „Devine Wings” by Death Row Designs – not available for the time being, as the DRD shop is being rebuilt.
Ears: „Uni Ears” High Elf by Soul – 499 L$.
Bracelets: „Dragonborn” in Silver by Alegria – a previous Fantasy Faire item not available any more.
Nails: “Long Prim Nails” in Black by Candy Nail – not available any more.
Sword: „Themis” by Ersch – a previous gacha item not available anymore; however, if you visit the shop, you can find many other gacha machines from earlier faires and events.
Eyes: „DragonEyes” in Fiery Vision by Sterling Artistry – 65 L$.
Pose: “Imago Anatopism 4” by Alpha Tribe and Mimesis Monday – gift from a previous installation.

The picture was taken at Memento Mori.

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