Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wild Winged Creatures - Ember's Cauldron Shopping Event

Wild Winged Creatures 

The raven knew. Its smart beady eyes looked at his mistress with a mixture of pity and amusement. Fairies were sooo... fragile, compared to a freshly hatched raven chicken. Yet, the raven couldn’t abandon the Lady Anen to her fate. He was her familiar spirit, and that was it. The raven cawed and hoped that the Lady Anen could hear him through the blizzard that chilled her blood and roughed her up, brutally and painfully. The raven could see the ancient oak through the veil of wildly swirling snowflakes... the Oak, the asylum and sanctuary for all winged creatures great and small in The Forest. “She will do it... she reminds me of my firstborn, Qreeth... a cheeky lil fellow...” – thought the raven, and flapped his wings in encouragement.

The fantastic „Filling The Cauldron” fundraising event for Elicio Ember might be over, but please don’t forget that many creators still participate in the „Ember’s Cauldron” shopping event until 16th April, and they still offer beautiful donation items created in support of Elicio!
For more information read the blog entry by Charlie (Lerochelle Destiny), owner of .:Soul:. and promoter of the event.

Donation items:
Mask: “Ember’s Mask Greater” by Laudanum Lollipops – 200 L$ (the package contains another, smaller mask as well, so it’s a real bargain).
Tattoo: “Elegant Ember” in Peacock by Even-Tide – 100 L$; take your time to check out the other delicately coloured versions (“Dusk”, “Dream” and “Ember”) too, they are all lovely!

Other items:
Skin: “Catalina” in Cream by Soul – this is a system skin; for the state-of-the-art appliers please visit the shop.
Eyes: “Feral Eyes” in Regal by Sterling Artistry – 65 L$.
Hair: “Editorial: Eastern Wind” in Funky by Tableau Vivant – a previous gacha item now available in the main shop, 75 L$ per play.
Antlers: “Winter Lights” in Plum by Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions – gacha in the shop, 50 L$ per play.
Sparklers: “Starry Night” Flakes by Tableau Vivant – from a previous gacha hair series not available any more.
Petal mask: “Breaking Apart” by Tableau Vivant – part of an old prop set not available any more.
Shoulder pet: part of the outfit called “Nevermore” by Montagne Noire – 25 L$.

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