Thursday, November 9, 2017

For the Love of the Devil - Pt 2

This was interesting...
Neon glowed, soft and red in the darkness; giving the space the feeling of internal, if not infernal warmth. Stepping through the door from the street marked a change, more than location, a change of state.
Though separated from the busy street outside by mere millimetres of glass and aluminium, the space, soft and warm was otherworldly. A gentle scent caught her attention. Looking around she could see no cause, though with each step the scent bloomed, earthy and fulsome. A gentle tickle at her neck explained all. Under the strange light, the tiny plantlet in her necklace was flourishing.
There were others there... had been others there, though she could not see them, she could feel them. Feel the effect they had had on this place, and how it had affected them in turn.
That was it... the cables on the floor, sockets and plugs, traced to outlets which were unconnected, and yet the lights still glowed. The power was coming from within, it was created by all who cared to come.

2 days remaining at the fabulous fundraising event For the Love of the Devil!  
Taxi :   For the Love of the Devil

Hair :  .Olive. the Robin Hair - Color Fades     L$ 395
Horns : DOUX - Demon hairstyle [Naturals]  L$ 149
Facepaint : Nightmare :: Bad Wolf Set   L$ 150
Necklace : :[P]:- Hydropine Jewelry & Rezzable:// Jungle  L$ 199
This set includes two necklaces and earrings!
Dress : [Cynful] The Oh! Dress - Devilish Purple  L$ 299
Beautiful ombre. Dress also includes chain embellisments, colour change via HUD - or removable - as shown here. 
Shoes : NX-Nardcotix Liz Stiletto Devil  L$ 250
Colour change via HUD, 6 different colourblend options!
Scene : /anxiety/ devil  L$ 149

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  1. Taken from Facebook : Andrea aka Devil
    This year has been disheartening to say the least. When you go in for a surgery and you hear “ expect 3 to 5 days in the hospital and a couple weeks recovery” turns into being sent to ICU straight after 9 hour surgery on a ventilator missing close to a month of your life. We think "we have insurance , it will be ok" but then the bills start coming in and you feel the weight baring down on you especially when the debt becomes double digits. While trying to do this on my own as well as recover it got very difficult for me. Some close friends have helped me emotionally daily took note of my financial struggle and the event idea was born.
    Finding out about it brought me to tears, that so many were willing to help in some way. I can't even begin to express the gratitude I have to each and every one of you for your participation. Whether you were a designer, part of the planning, a friend, family, blogger, or someone who donated, you all have touched me immensely. You each hold a special place in my heart for taking the time to help me in this process. I've been fighting the battle all the way through the best way I know how, but having this army of all of you has given me a chance to breath again and not feel so weighed down by the pressure of the financial burden . You are all truly all a lights in what at times can be a dark world around us. In SL or even SL Facebook we learn to connect with one another on a level that is so much more than a video game. People share experiences, laughter, joy, and even sadness. You all are my guardian angels in some shape or form that lifted me up when I needed it most. Thank you for all your love, support, generosity, and kindness to me, I will never forget it.
    I don't think that Thank You will ever be enough, but know this your act of kindness will stay with me a lifetime.

    Andrea aka Devil