Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing the violine

A friend made me very glad with telling me about a lucky chair with a violine. So since yesterday im a very talented violine player. As you can see on the picture.

The violin comes with 10 pieces of music. Mainly Bach and Vivaldi. And with five animations for playing violine, one for Pizzicato and even a bow animation. The design is a bit unique but i love this instrument.

Violine: Satoko's Violin Snow Leopard Set (Lucky chair item)
Jacket: Le Look Celebrations (0 Lindens)
Bra : Le Look Celebrations (0 Lindens)
Shorts: Beauty Avatar: Le Look Celebrations (0 Lindens)
Heels: N-core Group Gift "Classic Stiletto" (0 Lindens)

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