Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hunting at Thursday

I don t know how many hunts started this month but there are so many. So i needed a rest after hunting for a while. In this blog i used mainly Stuff from the Chase the Beast hunt (CBH in the text). The first outfit is from the Steampunk hunt.

Outfit: LNL BOX OUTFIT O-55 --SH (Steampunk hunt)
Crow: .:*CBH*:. - 01 - [.:* LOULOU&CO *:.]
Chair: .:*CBH*:. - 37 - [PERTURB/ation]

The Chase the Beast Hunt seems to be a Fox and Little red riding hood hunt. This is one of the fox outfits. Its from a shop i like very much, Ruru@Pino. This is a picture of the outfit. But it comes with a giant story book.
The story is about the fox and the grapes so this explains this item. Its wearable and very cute.
Outfit: Ruru@Pino [SourGrape]

People who know me for a some time in avilion might remember my great love for the crocodile. So this mask made me laugh.

Mask: .:*CBH*:. - 40 - [Malizz Yiyuan]
Dress: .:*CBH*:. - 42 - [Indyra Originals]
Boots: .:*CBH*:. - 05 - [SOAP CO.]

Here an other foxy item. A fox skin with tail and raven.
Skin and so on: .:*CBH*:. - 04 - [BOUNCE Design]
Outfit: .:*CBH*:. - 10 - [BLITZED]
Boots: .:*CBH*:. - 51 - [Skat Cat Neko]

Last an other skin. The ears reminded me on shrek's wife. So i needed to look up if she is blue or green. The dress is one of the many little red riding hood outfits in the hunt.
Skin: .:*CBH*:. - 11 - .: Acid & Mala Creatons :.
Outfit: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Little Red Riding Outfit

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