Thursday, November 4, 2010

[kimono komfiness]

I've always had a liking for traditional, far-eastern (inspired) clothing, so the discovery of those nice kimonos for men instantly made me run into the photostudio to share the silken goodness with you.

[kimono komfiness]

The first outfit is one of 22769's latest releases called Rator, here shown in black. It comes in several layers, and you can also decide to wear the obi (belt) only and combine it with the system-skirt to get a slimmer looking bottom line. Here I am wearing the obi with attached silk panels, and the matching pants with cuffs underneath.

[kimono komfiness ]

The second kimono is a blue-shaded piece called MoonlitForest that FallnAngel Creations contributed as a prize for THE SILK ROAD HUNT. I'm showing two ways to wear it here, but there are many more, and a notecard explains which of the gazillion pieces you have to pick to achieve a certain look. The socks and shoes are also included.

1st pic:
Kimono: 22769 - Rator Black

2nd pic:
Kimono: FallnAngel Creations - SILK ROAD HUNT prize (look for a red pagoda)

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