Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Which Sian Reviews Certain Curiosities

Marleen Vaughan, who Sian understand to be a longtime creator in Second Life, very recently opened her House of Curiosities, her stated intent being a seller of really random stuff. Sian got some review copies. Marleen's stuff has a nice retro feel, so Sian took herself to New Babbage for the pictures. It sort of felt right.

vaughan summer swallows dress

Sian Wears:
V. Summer Swallows Dress L$93

Sian likes the cut and style of the dress. Note that the prim skirt and belt are a) made of sculpties, so they don't swish about or anything and you may have to stick to one or two stands or put up with your hands delving inside it, and b) have the dreaded resize scripts. At least the item is copiable, there is only one of these scripts in each item, and it's deletable with a single click. It's a nice, pretty dress in a nice cut and it's cheap and very well-made. So thumbs up (note the stockings aren't included - they're from an old Bare Rose set).

Sian doesn't like resize scripts much. She still has nightmares about a Japanese creator who shall remain nameless who makes some outfits out of hundreds and hundreds of teeny tiny prims, every one of which has a re-size or show/hide script in it without a delete button. If you're going to put them in, writing a good script that only requires it to be in the one prim and making it go away when you're done is about as good as it gets. Marleen does that. So that's OK.

vaughan artist mafia hair

Sian Wears:
V. Artist Mafia Hair L$93

Now Sian doesn't normally wear hair, but if she did, she would wear something like this, because this is great. It's modifiable, and if you click on the beret you can change the colour. The hat has six colour options (the grey one isn't pictured above because Sian is not very good at GIMP and couldn't figure out how to fit it in) so it goes with most outfits. It comes with a hairbase, but honestly, you might find yourself using other hairbases in your collection or none at all, since it works fine without. It's well worth 93 of your Lindens.

vaughan goggles and bear

Sian Wears:
V. Sinister Goggles L$76

Also pictured:
V. Childhood Dreams Wall Mount L$76

The goggles are a nice cheap steampunky find. Modifiable, Sian found it easy to shrink the strap down to fit her head and appreciates the opportunities for customisation these present (Sian might recolour the lenses next time she wears them, for example).

On the right, the Childhood Dreams Wall Mount. The blogger pack actually had all this stuff packed inside, but you can buy it as a furniture item. The texture on the bear's head is exactly like a teddy Sian had when she was little. That's a teensy bit disturbing. Which is sort of the point.

vaughan telephone hat

Sian Wears:
V. Telephone Hat L$156

This is genius. Seriously, Sian's so wearing this the next time she goes clubbing. It's deranged and funny and quirky and Sian loves it. Note that Sian's copy doesn't appear to be modifiable, but it fits all right (Sian's head is an average size) so that's not an issue. (Edit: Marleen forwarded Sian a hat with the correct perms, so it's modifiable. Which is nice. SP)

Go visit: Marleen Vaughan's House of Curiosities.

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