Friday, July 13, 2012

Remember who you are

Styx was her name, not that it showed it on the 'Crazy' nametag she wore, not that she would openly tell anyone, such sharing was far too dangerous in her world. It had not always been this way, before the skies fell, and the morality of the world along with it. She had had another name, another life. Like so many others, all she had been, and all she had known had been taken away. The lies of the politicians continued, showing clearer and clearer through the gloss and spin of their marketing departments. As that came to an end, as the banks crumbled under the weight of hedgefunds and toxic debt, when the lies of public protection became martial law for the 'good' of the people, that was when things had changed forever.
riot4 Now her name was whispered in alleyways, away from the boulevards disintegrating under the weight of passing tanks and army boots. She would venture there when necessary, she was a person who could get you what you needed, for a reasonable exchange. Her name was her weapon, her weapon her name. Wanted posters bearing a blurred security camera image of her plastered the streets. She roamed them anyway, always on the lookout for something that could be useful. Through it all, the violence and the terror, she, and those like her remained true. The humanity of the good in the time before, refusing to submit to the distopian present.
I'd created this lil set up around the Diesel Works Bat [Female] It was a gift at the store, and it's definitely not all that long since I picked it up, now, I can't seem to find it - but again that could just be me. It's worth a look, has 6 poses, and versions for male and female avs.

Jeans : FuK'N'HawT - Jeans Low Rise Hip Split Girl Black L$195 I've had these a long time, and I still love them. They come with great punk ass safety pins holding the material together on the hip rips.
Boots : =Void= Tatsu Skull Boots  L$250
Mask : *Zanzo* Grim Spectre mask L$140
Shirt : Gawk! Tummy Shirt - BLACK - L$180
Tattoo : +REDRUM+ Off With Your Head Alice TATTOO L$199 
Blood :  +Give Me More+ Glove - +REDRUM+, + A Little Mess+ Undershirt - +REDRUM+ L$139
Hair : (r)M ~ Hair No.23 ~ Blue Black (Red Organdy) (from (r)M ~ Hair No.23 ( b l a c k s /w L o c k s ) Colour pack - currently 50% off in store L$ 174
Nametag : dl:: NameTag ..IM A CRAZY  L$0

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