Friday, October 5, 2012

Someone's in the kitchen...

BloodyApron1 There was someone in the kitchen alright, well, what used to be a someone. That they were now in pieces was all part of the process. Dinah smiled as she worked, humming softly hmmm hmmmm hmmm. The messiest task was done, and it had been hard work, as ever. Firelight dancing on the blade as it wove before her eyes, the intricate series of cuts which always followed the coup de grace. Blood gushed, spurting across the tile from that first well aimed slash, spattering her face and skin, and her pristine white apron. Much had drained away of course, the thickening vitae puddling momentarily around her stilettos as it made its way toward the drain in the centre of the floor, to be collected in the tank beneath. The market had its demands, the city's residents needed meat to their taste, many now preferring this refined method of obtaining it at a price, rather than risking their own necks hunting down their prey. Stretching out a section of skin on the bench, Dinah would start to work at it, scraping lightly with the sharpest blade in her collection. The skins inked design had to be removed of course. Selling newly made leather boots, only for the purchaser to recognise the ink of a relative, well, that had led to the kind of destruction in her store that she could not afford to have happen a second time. Reaching into the pocket of her apron, smearing yet more blood on the fabric, she pulled out her watch. A soft chime from the bell over the door made her turn, the first customer of the night, right on time. 
BloodyApron2 Yum yum yum what a bloody mess! More lovely dark things from +REDRUM+, and a bit of a tale from an actual roleplay scene. The bloody skin layers I have covered before, but here is added the 'Blood on Face' tattoo layer, shown here in HARDCORE. There are three options in the pack that go well with the three main options for the bloody skin layers, with hardcore being the bloodiest for the face. Also shown here is the +REDRUM+ Blood Apron. This is MESH and comes in 5 sizes - XS S M L XL. Cute pockets both take the edge off the gore, and make it that much creepier!

You can find the items at the +REDRUM+ Marketplace store here... 
Or inworld, here...

Face blood : +REDRUM+ Blood on Face HARDCORE  L$19
Body blood : +REDRUM+ BLOOD 3 +Bloody Mess+  L$129 (Includes 25+ layer options)
Apron :  +REDRUM+ Blood Apron L$ 69

Also shown
Underwear : [ bubble ] Floral Corset Panties - Black 1
Stockings : *Sheer* Stockings 26: Torn Semi-Opaque Black
Hair : >TRUTH< Erika (Upper) - crow

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