Monday, May 20, 2013

We Love Role-Play - The Lady is A Wolf

"Wolfhelmina, don't run around with your hair unbraided, you look shabby! Wolfhelmina, don't eat noisily, you're a young lady, not a stable boy! Wolfhelmina, wear that pretty dress your grandmother gave you for your birthday, your father's business partner comes to dinner with his son! Wolfhelmina, don't! Wolfhelmina, do! Yak, yak, yak!" Wolfhelmina imitated her mother's high-pitched voice while she was preparing for that cursed dinner... oh, boy, was she angry now.
The Lady Is A Wolf
"A young lady, me? Wearing a pretty dress? Am I a rag doll, or what?" Wolfhelmina was boiling with rage, yet she opened her wardrobe and pulled out the pretty silk dress, then picked up her comb. Werewolves were wild creatures but loyal to their pack and respectful with their elders... so, after some more angry mumbles, Wolfhelmina checked if her muzzle was shiny and black enough and there were no leftovers stuck between her white fangs, then slowly started combing her fur. Who knows, that son of his dad's business partner might even be handsome.
Woof Indeed, who said a werewolf can't be pretty? :-) If she visits the "We Love Role-Play" market, then we all can be sure she'll turn out looking wonderful, despite (or exactly because of) her mops of grey fur. The "Fur" skin is another great offer from Fallen Gods Inc. available at the "We Love Role-Play" market until May 31st, together with the "Raina" dress in three colours by Kouse's Sanctum.
Talking of Kouse, she's currently having a retirement sale. "Space is getting a bit tight at the Sanctum, and in order to make room for new things, I have to retire some older ones from the main store." - she writes. "They will remain on the marketplace. Before I remove them from the main store, though, you can find them on sale, for just 99 L$ each, until May 24th." Faith, Regina, Beulah and Skye await for you, so please pay them a visit if you have time.
Dress: "Raina" in Noir Cherry by Kouse's Sanctum - a special offer available at the "We Love Role-Play" event (200 L$).
Necklace: "Lifeforce" by Chaos, Panic and Disorder - MM board prize at the main shop (0 L$). If you like spectacular, chunky yet pretty jewellery, CPD is your store, especially because Lilah Munster has generously put out several MM boards and lucky chairs for her visitors to enjoy.
Skin: "Fur" by Fallen Gods Inc. - a special offer available at the "We Love Role-Play" event (495 L$).
Hair: "Sonne" in Caviar by Bliss Couture - 250 L$ for a pack of two colours.
Ears: "Elf Ears" by X-Gen - a freebie available at the marketplace (0 L$). This is a really great gift as the ears come with a HUD so you change their colour as you wish.
Eyes: - "Berry", one of the last group gifts of Theoretical Afterthought, a smart and intelligent woman who isn't active in SL any more. I miss your pictures and your wit, Theo. :-(
Nails: "Blazing Ruby" by Sterling Artistry - 10 L$.
Pose: "Gown 004" by Musa - 30 L$. It looks like the contents of the FF blogger package I received from Filomena Quinnell are a permanent fixture now. :-) 

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