Friday, February 7, 2014

Underground : Men Only Gacha 2

The underground was the crossroads of the modern world. Thousands upon thousands of people streamed through doors and turnstiles here each day, and each night. From train to train, small gaps, down here it was never silent, never fully still. Always the hum of the rails, the skittering of rodents and other animals... 1 Winter or Summer, the only changes down here were the temperature, the posters on the walls and the graffiti which covered them. Tag over tag, spraypaint colours marked the seasons. Cold bit hard, heat sweltered; all those moving through the stations felt the effects. Wrapped up in layers just to peel them away. 2 A person could bump into anyone down here, packed in tight, strangers as close as lovers. For most, uncomfortable in the dark, cooped up with so many others, the station was an extension of the subway train itself, merely a space to travel through, to get from A to B. A rare few paused, taking their time, unlike others with solely nefarious motives. Pickpockets aside, there were some who watched people, just as readily as those high above, seated in sidewalk cafes. Human nature on display. 3 And always... always, the footsteps. 4

Flair For Events presents: Men Only Gacha 2 (MOG2).
Men Only Gacha (MOG) features over 50 designers of male items - many designers with multiple gachas at the show, which runs from Feb 1st to 15th 2014.

Good male items seem hard to find - and as I'm only ever really buying them as gifts, or for the boy blog alt, I tend to stick to the few stores I know who do what they do exceptionally well. A gacha event however, much like a hunt, gives easy access to a range of designers who's stores I would not otherwise have stumbled into. Gachas of course tend to offer items at a reasonable price, meaning even if what you get is not to your taste - no biggie. It does happen of course - that's the gamble of the gacha. Here, for example, I got a great shape / skin combo from Mr Bloch. I also gambled on another shape gacha, and received a shape that just isn't a style I would use. Being a gacha item, it's no mod - but also no problem - as I won't use it, it's still transferable, so can be given away to someone who might.

Images 1+2
Shape : Mr Bloch : Jaber L$75
Skin :  7 Deadly S{k}ins : V2 L$99
Hat : Tartcake : Men's Slouchy Beanie Black (RARE) L$70
Hoodie :  MODA : Gamer Hoodie - Hadoken (MESH) L$50
Tattoo :  SPEAKEASY : Oh deer tat L$50
Pose : Stakey : Turn My Swag On L$50

Image 3
Shape + Skin : Mr Bloch : Jaber L$75
Hat : Pour Homme : Mister Depp Fedora RUM L$60
Shirt :  Rebell : Simple Longsleeve Gray (MESH) L$60
Pants :  Warehouse 68 Chino Pants Beige (MESH) L$75

Image 4
Boots :  American Bazaar - Funky boots Grey (MESH) L$90

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