Friday, March 28, 2014

Steam The Hunt IX - When Angels Fall

She had been the Guardian since... since Eternity had begun. She couldn't recall a moment when she was not watching, alert and dedicated. She had always been true and sincere. Yet, suddenly, she was ruthlessly scrapped. Why...? Maybe because a cogwheel or two needed replacing? Because she required more maintenance time than those shiny stainless steel automatons recently introduced by Management? So nothing but economy mattered now? What about human qualities, such as... loyalty and faith? Are the Machine Guards becoming... plain machines right now?

When Angels Fall
You still have a few days to pick up the amazing gifts along the path of the ninth Steampunk Hunt. Although - as Glorf Bulmer smartly observed - this hunt was mostly about hats, there are plenty of non-hat surprises as well... such as the stunning "Adriael" female avatar by Mobius Creations. Crosswired Deanimator, the self-confessed building maniac behind the company name offers you a male avatar as well, "Archronus"... so, why are you still here, hesitating? Pick up the landmark and run!

"Adriael" complete avatar - Steam IX Hunt gift by Mobius Creations - 0 L$.


  1. This is wonderful. I am going to try to get the avatar before the hunt ends. It is so beautiful and I love the picture and the story.

  2. Thank you, Dragon Lady. :) It is wonderful that you watch, "alert and dedicated". :)