Sunday, May 11, 2014

Flaming Finale - Fantasy Faire 2014

Fire1 Here in the birthplace of continents the guardians of fire waited and watched. Though Leyana had held her post for only a few centuries, it was her calling, what she had been born to do. At all times there was change, constant currents in the lava on which the weight of the world floated. This time of year was special. For such a short period of time, normal rules were suspended. It was time for the guardians to don ceremonial robes, to work their will on the power over which they watched.  Fire2 Many in the worlds above were familiar with tales of the Kraaken, denizen of deep waters, capable of capsizing even the largest of ships with the swipe of a single tentalce. In the depths of fire, a lesser known cousin lurked. For the second time in as many weeks, it was toward the pool of lava in which this creature dwelled that Leyana now walked. Her first visit, and the tumult which followed had set strange currents swirling through the mantle, allowing new lands to form on which those above could congregate. Emotions from those gatherings had filtered down to the guardians, making them a true part of the fleeting events. As the hours passed, so did the lifespan of the Faire high above, it grew near the time for those lands to sink again into the depths. Such a sad time Leyana thought, fingers tracing the intricate workings of her leather bodice; the design itself was a promise of her craft, a commitment to return each year to perform this duty. To create lands for the Faire in the realm above, providing the place for the important works, and all important fun.Fire4
The Fantasy Faire is one of my favourite events in SL. Other events may be my favourite while they are running, all the hunts and games, these generally are for personal gain. That's what really makes the Fantasy Faire so special. Amazingly talented designers offer up some of their finest creations entirely for the benefit of Relay for Life. The Faire comes to an end today, and just like every year, I will be very sorry to see it go. So I will finish up, and go and spend some more time, and some more L$ in the incredible Fairelands.  The total raised so far at the Faire in 2014 is L$ 4,976,891 that's
$ 19,908 USD.

Skin + Shape DLS~ Ceredil - Candace - Gold L$ 899 RFL Item
Includes: Light & Dark Skins * 3 Tattoo Tinter Layers * Mesh Ears: Elf Nub, Troll, Animale Long * Slink Appliers * Lolas * Lush * Shape * Alphas. Had to show you all this skin in the Gold tone to show off again just how beautiful it is, and to focus on some of the included appliers. The detail is continued all the way onto the nail applies, each a firey inferno with colour options to match the skin!
Here Leyana is also wearing : DLS~MESHear - Troll - Gold
                                                 DLS~ Realism Eyes - FlamingCircuits
All included in the pack!
Hair :  [LNS Designs] CAPRICA L$ 249
Beautiful hair, the blended fire colours are ideal!
Gown 22769 ~[femme] Chloris Dress - white  L$ 250  RFL Item
This excellent ensemble can be worn with or without the sleeves. The effects on the bodice are lovely, materials glinting under inworld lighting.

Shoes : DLS~ Cthu Shues - Fantasy Faire Special Edition L$ 450 RFL Item
Wow. No, really, Wow. I have found it difficult to find shoes to go with medium height SLink feet, most being for high or flat, but when I found these, my search was over. These are beyond cool. The included HUD has 12 colour options, with choices for the main shoe colour, and the kraaken's eyes. Love these. Love, love love them.

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