Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sketch Artist

17 Knock, Knock, Knock. No answer, no reply. Looking around, he checked the number on the building, it had seemed such an unlikely spot after all. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a folded note. Torn from thick heavy paper, its edges feathered with fine graphite lines, the fade out of some sketch were overwritten with a confident hand. The address was right, and the time... 16 "Hey" the call spun him on the spot. There she was, the girl with the sketchbook. Grinning, he moved to walk toward her until she held up a hand. "No" she paused, letting her bag drop to the ground, crouching to rummage in it, and rising again with a sliver of charcoal in her hand. "Stay just where you are." As she spoke, more like her appeared, each with sketchpad in hand. Soft murmurings of voices drifted across the lane to him as they nodded to each other. "The light here is perfect..." she said, settling down next to her bag on the cobblestones, her hand already tracing the lines of the building behind him onto the page. "Now, take off your shirt." 18 Changing things up a bit, with one for the bois. More from District 5!

Hair : ~Tableau Vivant~ Aidoru Series - Reita - Winter  L$ 250
HUD driven colour options for this unisex hair.
Tattoo :  .Reckless. - Notti Faded  L$ 300
Love this design - a great look for bois and girls.
Top : etham - James Cardigan - Black  L$ 199
HUD driven colour options - down to the buttons!
Pants : DN Mesh (m): Clip Jeans L$ 195
Another HUD - pick the colour of yer pants!

Not from District 5
Skin : AKERUKA Josh Skin - Group Gift L$ 1

Taxi to District 5

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