Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sparkling Mermaid

Spindrift Flotsam Leaper was a treasure-collector, gathering finds from the beach and ocean and creating caches of interesting and beautiful objects. When she was in good mood (which she was often), she leaped alongside the prows of boats, and cheered up the sailors immensely. They adored her long wavy seafoam hair, the sparkling blue skin, the opulent jewellery... until one day a greedy seaman had the idea that those lovely baubles would look better on his plain human wife. He reached for his harpoon... Spindrift jumped into the air, frightened and deluded, then plunged back into the ocean, and no mortal eye has ever seen her again.

Sparkling Mermaid

Two fantasy markets are about to close their gates soon, so this is a last-minute notice again. :) The splendid deep blue skin is a current offer by Fallen Gods Inc. at the monthly We Love RP shopping event, together with the long Electra hair in many colour packs. The strikingly beautiful "Mata Hari" jewellery set is on sale at The Secret Affair.

Skin: Draco Odyssey/Laguna by Fallen Gods Inc. - 590 L$ at We Love RP. There are 10 male and female versions available (scaled/smooth, with/without tattoo marks, snake scales), the full pack is 1980 L$.
Hair: "Electra" in Merfolk by Entwined Hair - 185 L$ at We Love RP.
Eyes: "Dragon Eyes" in Mystic Crystal by Sterling Artistry - 85 L$.
Ornamented Hair Chain "Tribal" (Common), Chest Lace with Chains (Rare), Dancer Jewels "Blooming" (Common), Epaulettes "Tribal" (Common) - "Mata Hari" gacha prizes by Devious Mind - 75 L$ per play at The Secret Affair, running until 29th January.
Tiara: part of the "Revenge" jewellery set by Luas - 100 L$ on the Marketplace.

The picture was taken in the magical underwater garden at Ode.

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