Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sakura - Spring's hope - Fantasy Faire 2015

2 In IchiGo IchiE the sakura were in full bloom. The delicate flowers appearing from bare wood heralding the start of spring, of life's miraculous return from the depths of winter sleep. Méi awoke with the flowers, her long slumber at an end. 
The world inhaled, the chill of the air warming with each passing day. The spirits of spring and rebirth unfurled as she moved, hopping at first from branch to branch, running along swaying twigs with a sure step. Méi would not fall. Her own wings would keep her aloft, those and those of her companions surrounding her would carry her from bough to bough.
3  Bringing life and beauty to the world was never easy, there was always a struggle. As her steps brought buds from the bark of the trees she considered this, as she did each year. These blooms were life, they were beauty, they were ephemeral. They were joy to all who saw them, they called for enjoyment, for delight in life as long as it lasts. Méi flew among the trees, bringing life for life's enjoyment. Each flower a bloom for the future, made possible by the growth of the past.
1 Two posts in one day... I know - testament to my lack of organisation. 
This post was planned, but the message it contains reached a new level of personal this morning as I was writing, thanks to another post, and conversations in our second life. So this one is for Ursula.

The Fantasy Faire in 2015 has so far raised L$ 6,268,699  That's $ 25,075! All for Relay for Life - The American Cancer Society. The more money raised, the more research, the faster new techniques and treatments are developed, the faster we find a cure. 

So go - the Fairelands will fade back into the mists for another year at the end of today. Enjoy the Sims. Bump into the talented and generous creators. Complete the hunt and be so covered in prizes you won't see daylight for a week. Hit up the donation kiosks. Cover bail for those characters locked up by the Pawlice. Shop shop shop! The Relay for Life vendors are clearly marked, all the L$ going to RFL. 

Make a difference today.

Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Jasmine Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Licorice
Skin : :[P]:- Immortalia Skin-Femme:// Mortulus - Free in each SIM!
Tattoo layer :  :[ET]: FF Dragon Scales - Light
Earrings : RFC - Dragonbead Earring - Cape Amethyst
Spires of Andolys
Necklace : ~tc~ Baroque Necklace - Silver (mc)
Tangleshimmer Grove
Outfit : -AZUL- Pepeke (Dress, Wings and Butterflies)

Visit the Sim
IchiGo IchiE

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