Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Aetherean Opposites - Fantasy Faire 2018

Eos brought the dawn to Aetherea, in a place this beautiful, her work wasn't work at all. Sunlight glinted on golden memories of yesterday, illuminating the shining possibilities of today. The dawn was calm and quiet, a peaceful time in what could be an almost impossibly busy place. Marble held the stillness, the pools untroubled by ripples from passers by. The world warmed with the breath of day.
Sunset, in this place, paradoxically existed at the same time as the dawn. Aetherea was just that special kind of place, where opposites not only attracted, but collided. Perhaps that was the truth of its conception, the nexus of being resided here. As the dawn blossomed above, so the dusk bloomed below. The moments of twilight held their own kind of magic, strong enough to make anything possible. In the ever shifting light, in this upside down world, you could dance on air.
Aetherea had a difficult birth, but its beauty is well worth the struggle the world builders and Lindens had! Come and enjoy it! All items are 100% donation for Relay for Life. So far we have raised over TEN MILLION LINDENS!!!

Hair: Raven Bell - Chronos Hair 2 [Mystic]  L$ 200
This pack contains, Chronos Hair, Chronos Hair 2, Mirrored versions of both of these, and an Undercut version (and its mirror). HUD driven colours offer 16 different options for pastel to more vivid rainbow tones. Erstwhile
Mask : (*<*) 1313 Cthaeh Mask - Lower LOD  L$ 99
Well damn, this is what happens when your attention slips when blogging! This mask is available in three RFL colours, Pink, Purple and Blue. I had these on a HUD which I forgot to add... Options for the mask include Lower and Higher LOD
The Bazaar Dungeon
Skin : [NM] - Mortal - Fairy - Female - N1 - (Add HUD)  L$ 300
System skins , 6 options (3 different cleavage each with and without brow) 21 different appliers for mesh bodies and heads Severina
Tattoo: :[ET]: FF Magical - Ocean  L$ 50
Pretty shaded tattoo, comes with a system layer, and a HUD, Omega Advanced for your mesh needs.
Earrings: SoG Goddess Eos
Secrets of Gaia. Ok, hold on to your hats. These lovely earrings, an ode to the goddess of the dawn, are available along with a matching choker as a pack which is not RFL. They are part of a MUCH bigger set, with literally everything you need from your shoes to your hair, all themed to Eos. There are three goddesses however, Dawn, Day and Night, and these are, as a threesome, what is available (heavily discounted from their individual prices) to a RFL 100% donation of L$ 2500 Just don't shout at me when your inventory groans under the sheer number of items included!
The Bazaar Dungeon
*OAL* Memorial Locket ~ Eternal Circle L$ 300
On A Lark locket to which you can add photos you want to carry with you. HUD options allow selection of three different metals, Copper, Silver and Gold, each with eleven different gems to choose from.
Dress: *LE* Petal Pearl   L$ 175
Pretty mesh dress, five standard SL Mesh Sizes from XXS to L, and a Fitmesh version too.
Willows of Nienna

Dusk Hair, Skin and Tattoo as Eos

Mask: ~ThatChick~ (P) High Queen Masque  L$ 75
You better have an idea in mind for what you want this mask to look like before you put on the HUD, or you too will be in there for hours playing with the seven textures, their full RGB spectrum options, brightness, shine, glow, two sets of gems (each with 30 colour options) and five different gem settings. Not that its a bad way to spend the day!
The Bazaar Dungeon
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai - Aziza - necklace - silver  L$  240
Beautiful necklace, reminiscent of seaglass, each set of beads is carved in a different shape.
Dress: [EvelineIntheBox] Cherena Flower Green L$ 189
Lovely not too florally floral dress, reminds me of beautiful ivy and light foliage. Comes with options for Freya, Isis, Venus, Hourglass, Physique and Maitreya. Also in 5 standard mesh sizes from XXS to L.
Willows of Nienna

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