Thursday, December 3, 2009

Im a wild thing

A mixed blog without any concept. Well if you like it give me a cookie.

I love the "where the wild things are" book (in german its "Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen" so this gift is stunning in my opinion.

.::Tyranny designs:: Wild Things (You get it via the I <3> group. Go to my profile (Dagmar Haiku) and join the group there and then go to the groupmessages and take the gift from tyranny designs)

Its X-mas time again. So here a dollarbie X-mas parka. I used the great x-mas fighting shovel from Dante Vantelli Sword MAINSTORE for posing.
The owner of the sword store is just rebuilding it. It will open again in one or two weeks.

Parka: ::JK:: XMasParka Box (Dollarbie)
Dante Vantelli Sword MAINSTORE Free Winter shovel Christmas box (Freebie)
Tights: Tomoto : dot tights full set (not free but great)
Legwarmers: *McSkin* (belongs to a lucky chair item - its really cute if you got some time go there and get the complete outfit)
DragansVarg (former Husky GFX) imrae boots (not free)

My Friend Myrian told me to get this Skin. She found it in the peace on earth hunt. And i love it. The undies are a lucky chair item.
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] : Farrah POE2 Hunt light (TINT) (Hunt gift)
*RD* CHERRY SOPHIE (Lucky chair item)

The Snowflake hunt is still going on. This is the Hunt gift from Blue Blood.

Dress: Blue Blood
: Snowflake hunt Gift

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