Monday, February 1, 2010

Magic & Romance Hunt

If you have enough of your roleplay dresses the Magic & Romance hunt is a hunt you should attend. The hunt runs from 1st of february till 7th of March. A lot of fantasy shops take part in it.
I'd like to show some of the hunt items.

First of all i want to start with Kouse's sanctum. There i found this nice gown. It comes in a short and a long version and is very pretty.

Dress: [K~*~S] Glimmer (Hunt Gift)

When looking for the Hunt item i did fall in love with a dress (it was green). On the picture i wear it without the sleeves.

Dress: [K~*~S] Mira - Gown - Dark Emerald (500 Linden)

At Mer-Elf (the hunt also starts there) i did get this gift. As the sim is adult there is an alternative starting point for the hunt.

Dress: *MEC*- Christina- Midnight Snow- Limited Edition (Hunt Gift)

This beautiful Gown is the gift at Mystic Sky. The staff was the gift at Elvenbreath.
Gown: ~Mystic Sky~ Samantha Gown: Purple (Hunt gift)
Staff: Elvenbreath: magic wand star

This dress reminded me on the Fables comics. Bluebelle and the unveiling of the secret what bluebelle wears under her dress. The dress comes with various versions of the flower basked, two versions of the stockings (blue and white) and even a shape. Its the hunt item at Deviance.
Dress: * Deviance * Blue Belle (Rose Red revisited) (M & R Hunt item)

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