Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stop the thief

Oh, no a Cat burglar has entered an appartment and is now stealing all the pretty and expensive things.

Outfit and Pose: 'MIME' SWAG! - DEL MAY & UGLY DUCK (Posefair gift)
(The outfit is really great its just a skin, it comes with great poses and with that sack for stealing things - the other poses are Mime poses i liked them but of course i like the stealing and sneaky one best)

But two asian dressed fighters are getting ready to stop the thief.
Left: Lika Ruby - Kungfu Suit (Creators Pavilion Gift)
Right: the ancient tree kimono shop : Make Him over hunt gift
Pose: Baffle! Feel (Posefair gift 1 Linden)

Oh what happens now. The fighters prefer to cuddle instead of fighting the thief ... what will happen? Will somebody stop the cat burglar?
Pose: 'NSA' - Held (posefair gift)

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