Sunday, May 2, 2010

Parts from the dragonhunt

from a dragon point of view.

As dragon i dislike this dress. Being surrounded by dragons means that your skirt might steal your cookies. So its better to keep the dress in the closet to avoid loss of cookies.
Dress: [LI] Dragon Lady Box 050110 DH #054

I also dislike this dress. It looks good but it seems to be made of dragonskin. So i know now finally where uncle gladoriel rashingtooth went. The humans made a dress out of him. Very very cruel. It nearly makes me cry (its also kind of cynical to take part on a hunt which should honor the dragons and use their skin for a dress).
Dress: ***SteamBound*** Dragonskin (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

As dragon i like this gown. Its very colourful, has a crown which looks also good on the hoard and the name of the store where it comes from is great. La Belle Dame Sans Merci thats rather long but wonderful.
Dress: La Belle Dame Sans Merci : Dragon Queen Gown for the Dragon Hunt (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

As dragon im not so sure about this cloak. It says hatchling cloak but its a bit to big. But i love the green. And i tested it secretly at my human avatar there it fits perfectly.
Coat: Atea Avatars : Hatchie Cloak --Emerald Green (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

The official site for the hunt is here: Dragon hunt

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  1. i really love your perspective of this and why you dislike or like the dresses
    really funny!
    Saff x