Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fight the evil

When the aliens landed she was quite irritated because all her comrades prefered to hide. But she wasn`t surprised, so she just grabbed her sword and her shield and ran out of the barraks. While running she rammed an amphetamine infusion into her arm. When seeing the ships, she increased her speed, knowing that those extraterrestrial bastards look best cut into pieces.
A friend was so nice to tell me about this hunt item from Super Possessed and im very thankful for that. The outfit is just great. It comes with an inbuilt double sword and also with a shield.
The headpiece contains a little eyepatch so its possible to get some extra informations about the target for example infrared pictures. The sword and the shild are opened with a gesture and work with the typical w a s d keys. On the pictures is only the female version of the outfit shown but of course as Super Possessed is a store for weapons and men's outfits the huntgift also contains the armor for guys.
Outfit:Super Possessed: Krova Knight - Female (0 Linden Mad Pea Hunt)

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