Sunday, June 20, 2010


Luna Twilight made some more great outfits for tinies. And again they only need few attatchment points so its possible to wear lots of other thingies and be properly dressed. The quality is great and the disco outfit is fun. Catten`s AK-47 fits very well to the dress.

The tiny otter looks a bit silly. It had planed to play hide and seek in the curtains but the curtains are gone.
Dress: :Twilight: Disco Tiny Outfit (100 Linden)

What happend? Has somebody stolen them? I think so.
Dress: xxYOMESHOUJOxx *ViR-race*Our awa... (0 Linden Our awa opening gift)
Shoes: Ruru@Tear [Arietta-Our awa..] (0 Linden Our awa opening gift)

The otter decides to go out and talk a bit with the ducks. But there are no ducks. What has happend?
Dress: :Twilight: Tiny Lavender Dress w/t hat (100 Linden)

This happened:
Dress: KWZ bambini D-Duck (0 Linden Our awa opening gift)

Now the otter waits for the duck thief to come back.
Gun: Needful things: Tiny AK-47 & RPG-7 (299 Linden)

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