Friday, July 2, 2010

Warrior of love

Kneeling for a moment to become mentaly ready to kill. Sometimes even pacifits need some help of weapons to get their ideas through. So its always useful to have a m107. Luckily the clothes are quite comfy. And what is more important they are quite robust so its not a problem to spend some time in them in laying in the mud.
22769 are having a sale on xstreet. The tank-top is one of the items they sell there. And with the om jeans outfit. It reminded me on violent hippies. The guns i used in the pictures are quite well made and from Ironsight Armaments. They come with nice combat gestures and its possible to wear them slung on the back and to carry them in the hand. Also nice is the possibility to do a melee strike with the guns. So if a guy mocks about your clothes you simply could knock him out.
Top: 22769 camutank with vintage jeans (50 Linden)
Trousers: 22769 om jeans outfit (60 Linden)
Gun on the back and used in the pictures: ::ISA:: Barrett M107 v1.0 (500 Linden)
Gun in the hand: ::ISA:: H&K MP5A4 v1.0 (500 Linden)

I like this outfit very much. Its kind of a celtic steampunk outfit. The trousers are very nice and the textures on the belt are just amazing. Its also very useful to have always a horn to drink out with you.

Outfit: 22769 Totoy complete Outfit (99 Linden)

Somehow this shirt reminds me a lot on freddy. But its comfy and useful. And the pants are very well made and nice. Its possible to resize them very well.
Outfit: 22769 casual couture camushortbaggy with redstripped longsleeve (60 Linden)


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  2. I always knew that killing people and marriage belong together. Brilliant idea to promote your site in a blog entry about weapons. Somes spam is surprisingly funny.