Saturday, January 1, 2011

News love

Two newsboys, one of them is secretly a girl, kissing after having delivered the newspapers. The newsgirl always made the newsboy carry out the half of her newspapers. But in exchange she always made him some cookies. They loved to eat those together.The What's the News hunt has started today. Its a hunt with the theme News. Even the news stand is a gift in that hunt, the newsboyoutfits are of course also from the hunt.

The Huntgift from LnL is just amazing. Its an outfit with included coat with a golden pattern. As all outfits from that store it reminds more on wearing a canvas than clothing.

Newsstand: Daallinii Rae Newstand ~ WTN Hunt gift (0 $ WTN Huntgift)
Newsboyoutfit: ~(Misera)~ What's The News Hunt Gift (0 $ WTN Huntgift)
Coat: LNL BOX OUTFIT O-83-- (0 $ WTN Huntgift)

Kisspose: { Just A Pose } Midnight - animated couple kiss (100 Linden)

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