Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Which Sian Becomes... Jeep Girl!

What's bald and smelly, snogs clowns, has a USB socket on her head, wears shoes that don't fit and a bra that's too tight, (and knickers that need a good wash), drinks and fights too much for her own good, and at this very moment in time has a mega hangover?...You guessed it!


Like we said before, Sian spent a load of time on the now closed Dark Future Hunt (she blogged some of the hunt gifts here, here and here already). She doesn't normally do grunge, preferring to be shiny and clean, but given the stuff she scored from the hunt, she'd thought she'd rock it a bit post-apocalyptic here, just this once.

Besides, Sian, long ago, used to love Deadline. She thought Tank Girl was hilarious. She could never really be in the gang with Sub Girl, Jet Girl, Booga and all the others, but an avatar can dress up and dream, can't she?

Free hunt gifts:
Stockings, skirt, armbands: [The Delectable Doll] Tank Girl set
Zydrate Gun: [The Little Bat] Addicted set
Collar, Cuffs, Gaffer Tape: [Beautiful Disaster] Dark Future Hunt Gift
Boots: [Delaney's Delirium] from the Sion unisex set, (which Sian/Sion sort of had to nab for obvious reasons, and which was really hard to find because they'd put about eight decoys around the store)

Not free stuff:
Body Tattoos: [AVM] TCC1-11 Sleeve Tattoo L$129
Headphones: [Bare Rose] Otome Virko (modified) L$170
Eyes: [A:S:S] Soultrap eyes L$50
Makeup: [a.e.meth] Glam Rock Lashes L$100

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