Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flying to shop

She loved living abroad. As she was never much into spending time with other humans the little house in the marsh was exactly what she needed. Of course she had a really good internet connection which had been very expensive but money never mattered to her. The only annoying thing was that she had to learn to fly a plane. On an other way she would have always needed the help of others to go shopping. And she loved flying alone over the marsh. It caused that she went more often shopping then in the time in which she lived in the town.
Shopping by plane
The Usami outfit is one of the latest releases from Bubblez Design.The set contains black tight pants and a shirt in two colours, black and maroon, which is worn over a white blouse. It is also possible to wear only the shirt on the top and to replace the white blouse with a bra for example. The tie and the white collar are a nice detail. Beside this there is also a shopping bag in the set.
The boots come from perse. They are perfect for shopping or to go for a walk just comfy and elegant at the same time.

Outfit: BB - Usami Outfit (199 L$)
Boots: -Perse- Ascot Boots Smalt Blue (249$ or 1799$ for the fatpack with 10 colours)

The picture has been taken at Aventurien I.

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