Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rat Princess

She was the princess of the rats. Normaly she never went somewhere without her family. They crawled over her coat - which had been made of the corpses of her shortliving friends - and loved to massage her scalp with their tiny paws.
covered in rats
Sometimes their movements made her jump. The tiny snouts tickled her normaly when they whispered into her ears. Silently hissed ideas about food and prosperity. Hints where she might find the next source for clear water. Ideas how she might find a partner.
Running with Rats
The rats had always cared for her. Her parents had to work a lot so they let her alone at home even when she was a few month old. The old and verminous house was filled with rats. Somehow they cared for the neglected baby instead of trying to eat it. They stroked her with their tail and brought her food they stole in the neighbour houses. With the time she was able to communicate with the animals.
Rat coat front
She was also able to speak with humans but she often did not know what exactly she should talk with them about. The rats were more easy so she stayed with them. Or more they stayed with her. Crawling over her arms enjoying that they were safe when she was around.
rat coat without hoodie
And as the rats had been nicer to her than even her own parents she liked being with them much better than being with the ones of her kind.
rat coat back
When seeing the mi$e coat at Deviant Girls I was not able not to buy it. The design is wonderfully unique with the coat which is covered by albino rats and even looks like it is made of their fur. The coat comes on the jacket layer and of course the most of it is made with prims. The most rats sit on the shoulders and also form the hoodie. It is also possible to wear the coat without the hoodie as it are many rats and not everybody likes those animals. It is nice that the rats are not symetric placed on both arms, this makes them look even more like they would be alive and crawl over the coat. There are also getas with rats available at Deviant Girls but I prefered the combination of tight trousers and highheeled boots with the coat.

Coat: *deviant girls* mi$e coat (250 L$)
Trousers: +++BB+++ Noah Pants (150 L$)

The queen of the rats

The pictures have been also taken at the Deviant Girls sim.

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