Saturday, September 3, 2011

For the birds

Finn was waiting for the right moment then he would start to play his flute. It was important to catch the right moment for that at least as faun. His tunes would let the trees grow bigger, the flowers become more colourful and the bushes would carry more berries at the end of the summer.
Faun boy
In the right moment he started to play. It was important to start playing at exactly the right moment. Else the berries would be ripe to late or to soon. Both would be against the natural balance. Finn mainly cared about berries. He normaly ate only fruits. Other Fauns cared about other plants.
Faun boy II
Nila, his sister, cared about flowers. She loved how they looked and spend even time among them while she wasn't playing for them. When she heared the first tones of Finn's flute she knew that she also needed to start playing. She always had problems to find the exact moment. She felt guilty when she recognized that she left her flute at a tree. But she luckily was quick.
Faungirl II
With some wide jumps she was back in the forest and found the flute. She had used it to play for some squirrells who had asked her to take care that they would have more nuts this year. Later she would help Finn to let more berries grow. Some birds wanted some and Nila loved animals as much as flowers.
Jumping faun girl
Some time ago I blogged the awesome Cyborg suit from ND/MD. The faun avatars come from the same store. They are complete avatars that means the set includes the legs, shapes, skin, clothing hair, eyes, ears, horns, tail and even a flute. The tail and the horns come in two versions one with facelight and one without. The fauns are small the girl is 1,3m or 4 feet and 4 inches tall the boy is 1,35m or 4 feet 44 inches tall. Both avatars could be worn with or without the dots on the skin as those come on the tattoo layer. The clothes come on the undies layer (if you need them on more layers send the designer a message and he will make them for you). The hooves are resizeable so it is possible to wear them with a bigger avi. The skin also fitted my normal shape and its of course the same with the ears, horns, tail and eyes. It is amazing how well the clothing and the skin are shaded. The lights are placed exactly where they should be and I love the huge brown eyes.

Faun: ND/MD - LITTLE FAUN BOY (1800 L$)
Fauna: ND/MD - LITTLE FAUN GIRL (1800 L$)

{Just A Pose} Simply Hippy
Juxtapose - Munchkin Poses
The pictures have been taken at Ode except the 3rd one which has been taken at Loch Haven.

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