Friday, September 2, 2011


She was waiting. From time to time she curled her toes like she would test if she would manage to dig her toenails into the white floor. She never managed to do so but she did not care her attention was focused on something else. If her plans were working the humans would be quite busy with killing each other at the moment. It made her grin. She did not really need more land but humans were so easy to manipulate.
Winged and not really nice
The twisted hunt fills me with anger as no other hunt does. The huntgifts are hidden really mean. I normaly enjoy hunting I go to the stores search for the hunt gift and look a bit around. This hunt does not give any time for that. All the time is needed to find the gift which is really annoying for me. Others love this hunt as it is tricky but what can be said is that the huntgifts are good. As for example those wings from Soul Distraction. They have many beautiful details and the texturing is awesome. The wings come in a version for male which is the one on the picture and a more colourful one for females. They have a resize script. The pose used for this picture is one of the huntgifts from Del May. They created poses which fit to the 7 sins. The one on the picture is the pride one. Del May also have some extre gifts in their store.

Wings: Soul Distraction : Male Unseelie Wings (0 L$ Huntgift in the twisted hunt)
Pose: Twisted Hunt Unseelie Gift - Del May Mainstore (0 L$ Huntgift in the twisted hunt)

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  1. I have to agree with the difficulty of the hunt. I remember doing the first Twisted hunt and some of the clues were hidden in the most obscure and random places in the stores, including one which was inside the light-bulb within a light fixture on the outside of the store. Because there is no listing of items, the only way to find out what is being given away is to do the entire hunt or wait for items to be blogged. Not everything is blogged so you might miss out of some things.