Friday, September 9, 2011


Elaine moved her fingers to her collar to play with the small skull which was placed in its middle. She was alone in the church. It was one of these days, she was able to feel it, later she would have to fight. Erasmus her scholar had been arguing with an other one scholar the whole week. Elaine never cared about the theories Erasmus developed. She only was his fencer and would be the one who would fight for him to prove his theories in an ordeal by battle. When she recognized that she most likely would have to fight soon she had started to train ten instead of eight hours a day. Her opponent would be the swordsman of the other scholar.
Lurks Darkness I
He was new at the college. Elaine hoped that none of the other fighters had told him about her abilities. But even when they had told him about her abilitly to jump onto rapiers and to balance on them he would most likely not believe it. She knew that Erasmus counted on her abilities. Much more of his theories were accepted than of the most other scholars, just because of Elaine's skills with the rapier. He had found her while he was still a student and she around four years old. When seeing her fighting with boys in her age and even defending those who were two yearls older than her he decided to make sure that she would get all the training she needed to become his fencer. Although it wasn't illigal to have female fencer it was something which frowned upon. But he decided to give it a chance. He had known that he would need a brilliant swordsman to get ahead with his scientific career. Else he would have only had the chance to teach the theories others developed. Erasmus and Elaine never doubted the method to approve theories with the help of a fight. It seemed just right to use an ordeal when two logically correct theories came to different conclusions about one theme.
Lurks Darkness II
This suit from The Black Canary is called He Lurks in Darkness. I was amazed by it when seeing it for the first time so had to get it. It reminds me on a suit which is made for elegant fighting without having one drop of sweat on the forehead. The trousers have high waist. They are worn with a black top with sleeves at the shoulders and the wrists. The collar has a little tie and is closed with a skull in the middle. As all clothes from The Black Canary it is an very elegant outfit. It goes well with black flats but I decided to combine it with flat laced overknee boots. Those are sold by coco. The boots come with a hud which allows to resize both sides at the same time. The primparts of the suit are mod so it is possible to make them smaller or bigger if it is needed to do so.

Suit: ~*{TBC}*~ He Lurks in Darkness (300 L$)
Boots: *COCO*_Knee-HighBoots (190 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)

The building in which the pictures have been taken comes from RKTF Design.

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