Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wuthering Heights?

In the mist
In the realms of pure fantasy I am today in the most lacy racy gown which is a new release from Vero Modero . It bares an enormous amount of flesh & has a vintage feel with an almost Flamenco style quality, I defy any of you to feel anything less than sexy and desirable in it. It comes complete with dress, gloves, scarf and a wonderful headdress - not shown here.

So todays theme is Wuthering Heights, here I am  Catherine wandering the moors. Where is Heathcliff? why he is setting up picnic over there of course! since Wuthering Heights has been a ballet adaptation I found it only the more appropriate to use the most fantastic ballet style dramatic poses named 'black swan' from Isis . If you're looking for ballet style or dramatic poses there is a whole host of other ballet inspired poses there too and at 60L for 5 poses why not take the whole lot!

Hair: 225L - Elizabeth - black > Angel
Dress: 600L - Adile Uni gown > Vero Modero
Poses: 60L for  a set of 5 poses - Black swan > {isis}


  1. I love that picture its so wonderful. And the pose is just so pretty. <3

  2. Thanks Dagmar it's not my usual style of picture so I very unsure about it. I'm glad you like it <3