Friday, October 7, 2011

Lost Sailor

Water, water and some more water. Nami had promised to herself never to work again on a dreamliner. But the offer was to good not to accept it. She would get 20 grains of unicorn blood for just one week work on the ship. The crew wanted to find a mystical island so they would need to sail through the lost ocean. And for this they would need some help of magic creatures like Nami. But of course everything went wrong. The big treebeings which formed the mainpart of the ship were not able to synchronize their dreams so the ship fell apart. The crew had the same problem. None of them was trained enough to stay in one dream. At the end Nami was alone in the middle of water. Not that she didn't suppose that this would happen. With a sigh she started to dream herself some wings to manage to get back a bit faster.
Mate lost
The grasp hunt is running till the 9th and there are some really great gifts in it. This mate costume is the gift from Amerie. Its a nautical looking ensemble for girls. With a hat, top and shorts and a shawl like piece of cloth which is worn around the shoulders. The primparts of the item include resize scripts. The pose comes from purple poses. Theirs are really well made. Its a store which is the death of a purse of any body who loves and needs static poses. They work very well for fashion pictures and well they are not that deathly as the price of one static pose is 10L$ and the couple ones I saw were at 45L$.

Outfit: AMERIE - Hunting9 prize (0 L$)
Pose: PURPLE Poses 341 - Lysie set (10 L$ for one pose)

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