Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Colours and Flowers

Since she got the dress Lisa's world slowly became colourful again. It was a gift from her siblings who hoped that it would make her smile at least for a minute. For a long time it had been black. Then it was black and white for some time. Now it was gaining some tones between those colours. At some days she even saw a golden flower or a blue bird. Lisa loved the dress it felt great on her skin and she knew that she would only be able to see how beautiful it really was when she would be able to see all colours again.
Flowers in gold
Lika Ruby is one of the stores which make wonderful textures and are able to create those dresses which make every woman look attractive on the elegant way. The Lika Ruby mainstore just moved to the rebuild KDC sim. To celebrate the new mainstore they released a new groupgift. Its an asymetric dress with a flower pattern on the top while the lower part is gold green. The top is held up by two scarf-like bands which are knoted together in the back of the neck. The skirt has a sheer lace layer over a nonsheer layer. The dress is a great gift and a wonderful opportunity to get an idea about the quality of the items from Lika Ruby.

Dress: +Lika Ruby+ peony(G-gift) (0 L$ Groupgift)
Pose: No Strings Attached

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