Saturday, October 1, 2011

[tunics and maidens]

In the past week I had some more spare time and decided to roam the grid for Lucky Chairs, Midnight Manias and some special events that are running right now, and I got lucky enough to find some nice outfits for free - or a very low price. If you're into medieval roleplay, Gor or working on a Halloween costume already, you might like the following items!

[tunics and maidens]

This lovely dress is a Lucky Chair-prize from [knickknack], a store that specializes on authentic medieval clothing and accessories. I really like the lush textures and the variety it can be worn, from a simple, rather revealing tunic to a modest dress reaching down to your ankles. The water yoke is another item you can win at the store's LC and comes in an animated (walk included) and non-animated version. When you're there, take a good look around, since there is 4 chairs in total to be found!

[tunics and maidens]

These stunning Celtic tunics are from De la SOUL and unisex, with a special love for detail when it comes to the beautiful embroidery adorning the sleeves and the lower seam. As you can see, it looks also nice worn without the prim attachments, so you can vary the look, and the rust-shaded pants are also included. The golden version is available for 10 L$ at the Marketplace, whereas the aqua-shaded one is only 25 L$ at the Fall Fete-event, which only runs til October 4th - so hurry if you wanna call it your own!

On Raven

Hair: [e] - Again
Skin: -Glam Affair - Jadis
Eyes: Poetic Colors - classic - amber

Dress: [knickknack] - Minna tunic dress (free, Lucky Chair prize)
Shoes: ::GB:: - Gladiator Sandals Brown (free, group gift in store)
Yoke: [knickknack] - Animated Water Yoke (free, Lucky Chair prize)

On Storm

Hair: [e] - Later
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent June
Eyes: Poetic Colors - classic - glacier bay

Tunic gold: DLS - Celtic Tunic - Sunny (10 L$ at the Marketplace)
Tunic aqua: DLS - Celtic Tunic - Aqua (25 L$ at Fall Fete)

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