Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's all in the eyes

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and these eyes are certainly have a lot to say but whose soul are they the window to? Well it's certainly correct to say that eyes are very important when it comes to your avatars look. It's often a part that many overlook, or find one pair that they like and stick with them but I think that's such a shame especially when there are so many fantastic eyes around even though I have a vast amount of eyes I love to collect more. Somehow these eyes seem to make me look quite sultry- nice :)

 It's just as well I have sultry eyes as they add to my little saucepot look. The top and skirt are both from Sakide and much skimpier than I am used to wearing but I couldn't help but adore these items they're cool a little flirty and I like the detail. With the skirt it's the belt and the top I just love the teasing nature of the fallen straps.

These boots!!  which are on a Midnight mania board at Death row designs are a fantastic unisex item. It was Dagmar that brought them to my attention and I'm so glad she did! Dagmar also blogged the boots HERE.

Skin: 800L - Gori tan skin j5 > JeSyLiLo
Eyes: 49L Alive - deep water > Les Fleurs Du male
Eyelashes: former group gift > Les Petits Details
Top: 100L - Knit loose top - grey >Sakide
Skirt & tights: 100L - Pearly skirt belt - grey > Sakide
Scarf: 50L - Skeleton scarf > Beggars banquet
Boots: 0L - MM board item > Death row designs
Bracelets: 0L - Silver bangles American Bazaar hunt item > Stigma

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