Saturday, September 24, 2011


The puppets were most likely the oldest things in the theatre. Anastasia had inherited them from her mother who had gotten them from her mother and so on. It was not exactly clear how old they were. Of course sometimes they got new clothes but the wooden parts were ancient. Anastasia knew that she would only have one child which would be female and that her daugher would become a puppeteer as well. Other people had choices but none of the women of her family would ever have the choice to decide which job they would have. But they made choices for others. She only needed to play something with her puppets and it became true. If she would have been lazy she could just have played that she would be hired in theatres to play there but her shows were extraordinary. Nobody who had seen one was able to forget it. And now and then somebody found his or her true love in her shows.
Puppetmaster Contraption takes part in the macabre hunt. They have even two huntgifts the uniform on the picture is the one for females. It comes with two puppets to hold in the hands and a pair of flying puppets which follow the avatar who owns them. The prim parts are mod. To make the part with the sleeves fit I had to edit the single prims as the size limits for some of them seemed to be reached but this was not a problem. The texturing and sculpting is of course wonderfully done. This is especially visible at the puppets which look very unique and cute.
The boots come from death row designs midnight mania. They are great to fight with others and also perfect when having dancing classes as it won't hurt when the dancing partner steps onto your feet when you wear those boots.

Outfit: [ContraptioN] Paimon - Macabre Hunt Gift (0 L$)
Boots: Death Row Designs bootslazy2 buck black (0 L$ Midnight Mania)

The picture has been taken at the Dark Secret Theatre in Aracadia.

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