Monday, September 19, 2011

Teaching Snakes

The grass was still wet with dew when Octa went on her usual walk through the templegarden in the morning. The snakes seemed to be very quiet today. Normaly they talked with her about everything they thought she would need to know. Informations about the secret relationships of ministers and other important persons or just rumors they heared. She was the high priestress of the most important snake temple on the continent. So she got all the really intresting informations.
Miamai dakini white
Snakes were the holy animals of the country. Everybody who could manage to pay the costs for their food and the care they needed had at least one of them. But only the priests knew that some of the snakes were way smarter than everybody else thought. Those were the ones which grew up in the temples. Octa spend several hours a day on teaching them. The main theme were human relationships. Snakes seemed to have many problems to understand all the shades of human interaction. Although some of them were quite sly form birth they were still surprised about how much better humans were in the art of deception. But at the end they wer ethe perfect spys. And of course every politician was proud when he got a temple snake as gift.
wasabi pills reptile hair
The Chod Collection from Miamai's Blacklabel has been released to the Modavia and is now available in the Mainstore. It is a great collection of unique clothes made with love and creativity out of luxory fabrics. The white pants are called Dakini. They are also available in black and rose. They look like being made of a very thin but shiny cloth with lace on the top. The parts for the legs consist of sculpted prims which are mod. The trousers are held up with a bow made of lace. The Yama top comes on three layers with a primpart made of feathers and pearls. It leaves one nipple uncovered but of course its possible to wear pasties under it. The design of it is as amazing as the one of the pants. It looks like being made of silk with some very fine lace. As the trousers it is decorated with pearls. In my opinion its definitly worth to take a look at the Chod Collection as the items are so unique and wonderful.
The hair with the snake comes of course from Wasabi Pills. It looks like a snake which curls around a pretty decorated ponytail. It is possible to choose between several textures for the snake and the metalic parts of the hair. Those who do not want to have a snaketongue all the time on their forehead have the possiblity to let it disappear. The hair includes also the hairbase. It is of course hair which is most awesome for pictures and for roleplay. It might be great on nagas who have their child on their head or as the familiar of witches and wizzards.

Top: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Yama (450 L$)
Trousers: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Dakini White (500 L$)
Pose: Miamai (50 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Reptilia Hair (1500 L$ Fatpack, 250 L$ colour pack)

The pictures have been taken at DarKness Forest.

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