Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feeling the wind

The wind blowed softly through the long fingernails. It promised rain maybe even a thunderstorm and the return of a bird species which had not been seen for more than 30 years. At the most days Saran was annoyed about her fingernails but with the right kind of wind she was able to foresee the weather and a bit more with their help. Today was one of those days. She would sell the informations later. She hoped that she would once manage to foresee something which would allow her to cut her nails. But the wind was never really intrested in the future developments on the stockmarket.
lucky board top with like a prayer wristlet Diapop has a new luckyboard. The prize is asheer grey top. It consists out of a system layer (on the jacket, shirt or undershirt layer) and a primbody. The body can be modified so its possible to make the top fit to the avatar. Although some suppose that the owner of Wasabi Pills is a violet monster, which nearly only eats cheese and is covered in bottle caps and cookies instead of scales, their latest release is very cute. Its short hair which has some longer streaks in the front. It could be either worn with or without the bow. The bow itself can be tinted in different patterns. I like the unique cut of the pony of the hair which reminds on a triangle. The hair is available in several colours and might even work when wanting to roleplay a housewife from the 50s. The really long nails come from Virtual/Insanity. They are included in 3 sizes in the set and it is possible to choose between several colours for every nail. The makeup, the wristlet and the shoes come from the same store. The makeup also contains more than only one colour in the set and the wristlet is just pretty. The Pose is a new release from Just a Pose. Its a set to show jewelry and of course also nails. The poses are currently sold on the jewelry fair.

Top: * [DIAPOP] * sheer. tee (0 L$ lucky board)
Trousers: * [DIAPOP] * liv jeans ::low rise:: (similar ones in store for 69 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mimi Hair - (1500 L$ fatpack 250 L$ colour pack)
Makeup: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] MAKE ME UP - Mermaid (150 L$)
Legwarmers: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] BASIC BLACK LEGWARMERS FOR FLATS (old limited item not sold anymore)

Pose: { Just A Pose } Get Yer Rocks Off - Standing Jewelry Poses (100 L$ for 5 poses or 25 L$ for one currently sold at the Jewelry fair)

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