Saturday, September 17, 2011

Disco Inferno!

With the Disco hunt well underway what better opportunity than now to be a bit of a disco diva and shake your stuff on the dance floor!  The hunt kicked off on the 15th September and runs for a month -  Slurls and hints can be found HERE.

This hunt has a 70's based disco theme and there are an assortment of items including a dance floor, poses, furniture, jewelry & many 'groovy' (ahem sorry) outfits for men & women. The hunt object to look for is a disco ball. See below for a sample of my favs.

Disco hunt

Disco hunt

Pic: 1 (top left)
Hair: 300L - Moa - Sandy blonde > [69]
Outfit: 0L - Disco hunt item > Furore
Feet: 0L - group gift >  Coco Design

Pic: 2 (top right)
Hair: 250L - Kumiko - dark sand > Exile
Dress: 0L -  Disco hunt item > Orquidea
Shoes: 550L - Fae wedges > Pixel Mode

Pic: 3 (Bottom left)
Hair: 220L - Falling - Blonde 02 > Elikatira
Outfit: 0L - Disco hunt item > 22769

Pic: 4 (Bottom right)
Skin: 800L - Autumn - Tan skin - j2 > JeSyLiLo
Eyes: 199L (for pack of 4) - Aquilus eyes - Callie green > Aphotic eyes
Earrings: 0L - Disco hunt item > Beauty code

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