Saturday, September 17, 2011

[grief in light]

[grief in light]

And when you left me with a broken heart
you took all the sadness from me
all the colours and darkness
making me an orphan
in the blinding light
of my grief.

[grief in light]

Oh, Twisted Hunt... why do you have to tempt me so? Despite of all the decoys, the 'hunts inside of the hunt' and the various curses that escaped me while searching my way through the variety of stores, I once again couldn't resist to participate. Of course, I could simply refrain from doing it when it annoys me so, but... you can see one of the reasons why I fought insanity to find that little, rotating cube of purple evil nonetheless above. Yes, two of the three more than generous prizes from a store I've come to like for its extraordinary creations: gilded:

The goodies were comparatively easy to find (No.3 is a lovely pose which isn't shown in this post), but even if I'd have had to derender the entire store to grab hold of them, I'd done it without batting an eye. White satyr legs, even more when made in such a stunning fashion, fuzzy fur pants and fancy hair always make me drool - I just can't help it! The Unseelie Hair is a piece of sculpted goodness that can be worn with or without a hairbase and comes in two sizes, small and large, while alpha-layers prevent you from nasty visual bugs when you're wearing your brand new hooves. I'm off to hop through the woods for a little more... don't forget to pay gilded: a visit until the 30th of September when the Twisted Hunt ends, and treat yourself with these little pieces of art!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent February
Hair: gilded: - The Unseelie (free at the Twisted Hunt)
Eyes: REPULSE - Blood Spill v2 Eyes (free at the Twisted Hunt)
Horns: *~*Illusions*~* - Cylindriculus Horns (previous hunt gift)
Hairbase: custom - not for sale

Outfit: gilded: - White Satyr Legs (free at the Twisted Hunt)


  1. i'm so very flattered by your post thank you...

  2. You're most welcome, Kras - thank _you_ for those awesome items! :)