Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lost bunnies

Miss Nuenza was annoyed. She had lost her favourite bunny. It would not have been a problem if it would have been an other one but the most important one somehow got lost. She needed it to look human. If she would not find the bunny soon she would have to stay pale and white haired as long as she would not find a fitting bunny. With her magical powers she was able to turn a bunny into an albino and get dark hair in exchange. But for that she needed to know where the bunny was. All her other bunnies were albinos. So she needed to find the one black one. She allready had searched in all corners. Suddenly she felt a movement on her head. Would it be? After lifting her hat she found the bunny sitting on her head. Miss Nuenza sighed sometimes she thought that she should close the portal to the bunnyworld she had in her hat. But it was the place where all magicians sent their bunnies to pull them later out of their hat. It was only annoying when the bunnies liked the bunnyworld so much that they went there without her knowledge.
Holding the hat to keep it from flying away
RokumeikaN created a suit for the twisted hunt. The roses on the hat, the hankerchief and the tails of the jacket come in a blue which fits to the theme of the current hunt. The coat has some chains on the front. The collar could be worn with or without roses over it. All the primparts come with a resizescript wich makes it easy to adjust the outfit for small avatars. The only problem with small avatars is the hankerchief which moves while walking because of its attachment point, but as it is possible to wear the suit without it, it is not a real problem. It is definitly worth to go to get that suit as it is very pretty and might be a great roleplay item.

Outfit: +RMK*Chain and Rose_Blue*Twisted Hunt2011+ (0 L$)

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