Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Helper

Elemental Earth DesignsThe water was still warm from the summer. Emma enjoyed walking barefoot through it. The feeling of the soft wet sand under her feet was amazing. She went every afternoon to the lake to spend some time with trying to find nice shells. It was the only time of the day when she managed to escape her duties. She was a fairy helper. So she spend a lot of her time with telling fairies how to dress and to behave so that humans would not recognize them as fairies. Lessons about how not to dance in public and how to avoid flying when the feet hurt from walking a lot. It was very exhausting. The most fairies weren't very smart but their lands became smaller everyday so they had to live among the humans. Emma tried to help them as good as possible. Only the ones of them she ate found out about her true nature.
Love for pink
This gown comes from the mini mania at Evie's closet. I needed a while to win it but this time was definitly worth it. The dress comes on the trousers and the jacket layer and of course the primskirt and a primbow on the back. It is possible to mod the skirt but it fit me directly so there was no need to do so. The top comes in two versions one with floral patterns on it and one without. Its a cute dress which works well for fairies who do not want to show their legs or as ballroom gown. The amber wristlet is a new release from Elemental Earth Designs which is currently sold at the jewelry fair. Amber is a stone of amazing warm colours and the designer managed to transport those into sl. The item has a resizescript and its possible to make it smaller. I hardly wear any other eyes than the Dragon ones from Sterling Artistry. But I really like those from les Fleurs du Male. The eyes are very bright and detailed. They are a dollarbie which is available on the marketplace or as a gift in a store. The hair is a freebie from Magika.
Dollarbie eyes

Dress: Evie's Closet - Coppelia Gown (Blush) (0 L$ Minimania)
Wristlet: *EED* Kiowa~ Amber (comes in a set for 300 L$ sold at the Jewelry Fair)
Eyes: FDM ALIVE EYES - Grey promo pack (0 L$ or 1 L$ on the Marketplace)
Hair: Magika - Delora (0 L$ its the colourdemo hair)
Pose: { Just A Pose } Get Yer Rocks Off - Standing Jewelry Poses (100 L$ for 5 poses or 25 L$ for one currently sold at the Jewelry fair)

The Pictures have been taken at Waterland.

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