Thursday, September 29, 2011

[not one of your many boys]

[not one of your many boys]

The exhibition I was visiting faded from the spotlight as soon as my eyes came to rest on the slender being that was slouching in such a confident, almost luring fashion on one of the offered seats, illuminated from a soft light from above, like it was a piece of art itself. I found myself stopping in my track, my eyes drawn with wonder and delight to the one that was looking back at me with a nearly mocking gaze from dark-rimmed hues, and the challengingly risen chin made me wonder if my thoughts had been read... yet, I approached, unable not to stare, to not worship this diversity of beauty - male, female? I did not know, but honestly, I couldn't have cared less when I leaned in and felt my tie being grabbed, and a throaty-soft voice uttered into my ear: "You can't have me... I'm not one of your many boys." As I blushed in a deep shade of crimson, caught in the act as I was, I saw a teasing shimmer simmering in those expressive eyes of light and darkness, knowing that our game had just begun - and that it wasn't me making the rules.

By know I've realized that I'm not only having a slight addiction to mesh itself, but specifically when it comes to mesh-made footwear. Not many things have ever bugged me as much as the weird positioning of prims when trying to sit down in overknee-boots, and I'm really glad that the times of my misery are over now - even more when the solution to this problem is as gorgeous as Miamai's recently released Hiatus boots. They come in 14 colours, and each shade is available in 4 different materials: gloss, which I am wearing, leather, laced and matte - that makes it a total of 56 pairs to pick from! Needless to say that I'm in boots heaven, right? The pants and corset I'm wearing are from A:S:S and have been a part of a special edition that isn't available anymore, but you can still find similar corsets in a variety of shades and patterns in store. The lovely blouse with the oversized bow is from *COCO*, where the clearance sale is still running.

Skin: [Plastik] - Vaelian
Hair: !lamb. - Lo-Fi
Eyes: REPULSE - Blood Spill v2 Eyes

Lashes: A:S:S - Fake Lashes - 03
Piercing: - .HoD. - Dimpled Piercing
Eyeshadow: Miamai - Nightmare Shadows 01 (previous Lazy Sunday item)

Boots: Miamai - Hiatus Boots Gloss Red
Blouse: *COCO* - BowShirt(Black)
Corset & Pants: A:S:S - Glamour Mob (not available any longer)

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