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Some prophets say heaven and hell are infinite. Others only suppose that only heaven would be infinite while they would be caught on earth which they see as hell. Only few mortals understand at the end when death carries them to their final destination. Those are mainly poets and now and then a mathmatican. No dead priest ever managed to understand the glory of hell and the fear of heaven. This is not a problem as nobody cares about death priests.
One of the truths of heaven and hell is that there are places where both overlap. Those are the spots where the ambassadors of heaven and hell meet.
Sirael would have hated his task if he would have been able to hate. So he only felt uncomfortable. He knew with whom he would have to talk. Hell was never kind to the servants of heaven not even to their own attendants so it was clear that Sebanius would be the ambassador of hell. Sebanius his love, Sireal formed his hands to fists when he remembered the time they spend together. The joy of hearing Sebanius sing next to him in the heavenly choirs and the feeling of the wind in their wings while they flew together over the new born earth. And the smell of human blood on Sebanius pale and perfect skin.
Waiting Angel
Now they would meet again. Sirael tried to concentrate on the things they would need to discuss. Hell was running out of space at least they said so and wanted to grow. But to keep the balance it would be needed that heaven would grow as well. The thought that he would meet Sebanius in a moment made him nervous.
Sebanius was able to smell Sirael's nervousness on his way into the garden. His lips curled to a light grin. He had not seen him for centuries but it seemed like the angel had not changed at all. Different than himself. He had changed a lot since he left heaven.
Black angel II
And he knew that Sirael would change a lot as well. Soon. Sebanius followed the smell of fear and excitement knowing that he would find his former lover at its source. He would never admit it but he missed the angel. Sirael had been so kind and careing. It always was like Sebanius was most important for him and Sebanius had enjoyed that feeling. But serving in heaven was exhausting and sometimes he had the feeling that he would never get rid of the blood of the humans he had to kill. The problem was not so much that he killed them more that some of them got into heaven and always stared at him when he passed by. Their glance made him feel uncomfortable and in the end it made him leave heaven. Of course he met some of his former victims also in hell but those never dared to look at him. They knew that they were guilty not like the ones in heaven who were collateral damage.
Finally he found Sirael and smiled to the angel forcing himself not to shiver as he saw how the angel shivered when hearing his voice. The conversation would be most intresting.
Black and White Angel
Fallen Gods Inc. released a new skin line and fitting outfits to those skins. The skins are available in three skintones and in several makeup versions. I liked Raphael with the Corruption makeup best. The skins come all in a version with and one without freckles. All of the skins have an androgyn look and of course there absolutly no skin imperfections. The used shape fits to the skin. It has an average height and looks androgyn although it isn't the shape of an untrained man. And its mod which allows to edit it if there is anything you d like to change at it in the end.
The arcangel outfit is unisex and available in black and white. It comes with a long skirt, shoulder pad, cheststrap and a bracier for the arm. For females is a chestcloth included which is worn instead of the cheststrap. The shoulder pad and the bracier are decorated with feathers which look like a wing. On the bracier is also a golden chinese sign which says "Faith". The sets include a normal and a smaller version of the items. Its possible to resize all parts and it was possible to make the skirt so small that it even fits my normal female avatar. As everything from Fallen Gods Inc. the skins, the outfits and the shape are great for roleplay. I like it that it is possible to play a fallen angel as well as a angel who is still serving heaven with the skin. And Im amazed by the beauty of the avatar although there are most likely no ugly angels. The hair comes from Wasabi Pills.

Skin: ANGELICUS Raphael +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Corruption (990 L$ one makeup 2200 L$ four makeup and 5600 L$ Fatpack with 12 skins)
Outfit White: Arcangel Outfit White +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (500 L$)
Outfit Black: Arcangel Outfit Black +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (500 L$)
Shape: ANGELICUS +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Shape (350 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Thalion Hair (1500 L$ Fatpack or 250 L$ one colourpack)

The pictures have been taken at Cheval de Mer.

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