Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unicorn without horn

It was always horrible when Sandri forgot where her favourite being was. It made her feel lost and sad. She would not be able to eat any cookies until she would have phant back. The worst was always when she was all desperate her blood started to turn black and it tinted the veins so that her skin wasn't as pale as usually.
Lonesome horselike being III
Sandri was a unicorn and was currently treated for drug addiction so she felt anyways often sad and exhausted. She had found her way from the fairy lands into the world of the humans by mistake and as most spiritual beings she did not enjoy her time there at all. Until she met a witch who offered her a drug which would help her to deal with humans.
Lonesome horselike being II
First the price she had to pay to get the drug was bearable. The witch wanted some of her hair or a bit of blood. Sandri had no problem to pay with those things but of course she became more and more addicted to the drug. It did not only help her to deal with humans it also made her feel great and it was like she would be in the fairylands again. Finally the witch asked Sandri to pay with her horn for the drug. The unicorn first did not want to pay that price but after a week without the week she would have given also a hoof just to feel as great as with the drug. So she lost her horn. After this the witch was not intrested in selling her any more drugs as Sandri had sold all she had. Members of the supernatural rescue squad found her under a bridge where she had been searching for a troll who might be willing to kill and eat her and brought her to an asylum. She was not happy there but the other sick beings were supernaturals like her so it was a bit easier. And she had phant whom she had forgotten on a bench while watching the stars in the night luckily he had stayed there so she was able to find him again.
Elephant found
Hoo are currently moving to a new store and have some cute new stuff on their lucky chairs. For example those ears and the hooves. Both are mod and cute. The hooves include the hooves in three furcolours and the socks can be tinted with a menu. The tails are also from hoo and of course also mod. Death Row Designs has normaly great items on their midnight mania. The Dark Angel outfit is one of those. It comes with several layers and is very well textured. The Goggles are currently a groupgift at Contraption. Their groupgifts are only available for three days so its best to hurry as it will be only available for one more day. The goggles come in a worn version and one to wear them in the hair. The item has an resizescript. The details of it are amazing and there are patterns in the leatherband of the goggles.

Outfit: Death Row Designs DarkAngel -full outfit (0 L$ Midnight mania)
Goggles: *Dogu* [ContraptioN] Contraptioneer Goggles (0 L$ Groupgift)
Ears: HOO~ Moonlight Ears (0 L$ Lucky chair)
Makeup: ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Running through my veins (75 L$)
Hooves: HOO~ Hoooofies (0 L$ Lucky chair)
Elephant: !gO! cuddles elephant (1 L$)
Tail: HOO~ "Double Fluff" Dual-Tail (150 L$)

The poses come from No Strings Attached. The elephant also contains a holding pose.

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