Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A taste of SL & a splash of the black market


Picnik collage

There are some truly spectacular exclusive creations that have been released recently and I want to share just a few. Firstly I've always been a fan of Dreamscapes creations and I can't be enthusiastic enough about this weeks releases for The Taste of SL event (more details found at HERE) all the furnishings are part of the event so do be quick to bag a bargain! The Fireplace with cage books & candles are on offer but if you wear your TOSL group tag you will get  'Frames & more' free!

Next I want to gush lots about the skirt! I can without any hesitation say that this is the most beautiful, wonder skirt that I've ever owned in SL. I know that mesh can produce such incredible creations however try as I might I just cannot see mesh, regardless of what viewer I use & I was utterly convinced that this skirt by 22769 was mesh. I'm thrilled to say it isn't!! I can wear it! it has such a vintage feel to it with the most fabulous William Morris style print. It also has a high waist band (not best illustrated in my pics I have to say) and what's more is you can detach the bottom prim to make a pretty parachute style knee length skirt ..ahhhhhh fantastic!! It's only available until 13th December though as it's an exclusive design for The Black market event.

Skin: 0L - Luckyboard item - Ulika > Mother Goose's
Hair: 88L - Soft by Elikatira [e] @> Collabor88
Top: 0L - group gift  - Morning waits - green > tulip
Skirt: 100L - High waisted skirt - By 22769 @ > The Black Market
Jewelry: 0L (bracelet, necklae & headband) - group gifts > Fairy tail
Furnishings: 99L -The Old fireplace   > Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Pose: 10L - from the Elvira set > Purple poses

All shapes in my blog posts are from CS Shapes

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